Which Oil is Beneficial For Which Type of Body?


Approximately 46 types of oil are used of body. That oils are saved in dark bottles to protect from sun. Aromatherapyc oils are used in beauty treatment and delay aging. They provides eliminating black spots and acnes. They can be appliedto face with tonic and deep cleaners as regularly.

Here, Benefits of 17 types of oils:

  1. Avacado oil: It is ideal for dried and aged skins. Moistens and refreshesthe skin. Makes aging syptoms slower. Contains A, B, D, E vitamins. It helps to moistening and nurturing the skin by being absorbed fast. In eczema treatment, it can be used as herbal promoter.
  2. Sunflower oil: It has moistening and nurturing feature.
  3. Almond oil: It helps to moistening all skin types and repairing especially dried, sensitive and gralunoma part of skin.
  4. Rosemary oil: It provides deeply cleaning and has microbecleansing feature.
  5. 5.Wheat Oil: It is one of rich sources of A, E and D vitamins. It contains protein and lesitin in high quantity. It is effective to dry and crashed skins. It is used effectively for renewaling the cells, wound, burnt problems and wrinkles. It is effective on cleaning sun and birthmarks. It is a strong antioxidant by containing rich vitamin E By this way, it protects the body from harms of free radicals. Wheat oil penetrates to skin fastly  and helps to skin to protect it from harmful solar rays. Also it is used for pregnancy caused crashes.
  6. Walnut oil: It can be preffered for dried and aged skins. It can be used for under-eye wrinkles and chapped lips. Walnut oil contains linoleic acid and unsaturated fat in high quantity.
  7.  Blackseed oil: It has skin nurturing and dried skin balancing feature.
  8. Rose oil: It is proper for all types of skin. It can be used for skin cleaning. Refreshes the skin. It is softener and relaxing.
  9. Carrot oil: It is proper for all types of body. It is ideal especially for face cleaning.It is rich for Beta-Carotene, A , B, D, E vitamins.
  10. Jojoba oil: It can clean not only face but also eye make up easily and softly. It moistens dry skin and balances skin oil. It gives flexibility to the skin and prevents cracks on stomach and legs.
  11. apricot kernel oil: It tightens the skin and helps to eliminate wrinkles. Apricot kernel oil is used in face cleaning. It cleans acnes and gives brightens the skin.It eliminates aging caused wrinkles. It hasmoistening feature. Apricot karnel oil can be used in acne cleaning treatment. You shouldn’t stay under the sun after applying it.
  12. Lavender oil: It is proper for sensitive and oily skin. It can be used for acne treatment.
  13. Daisy oil: It is proper for sensitive skins. It is softener and relaxing. It can be used in acne treatment. It is good for itching.
  14. Lemon peel oil: It cleans pimples, makes the face beautiful and it can be used as tonic. It eliminates microbes, tightens, firmer, tightener and purifies the skin from oil.
  15. Orange oil: It can be used against cellulite. It dries the acnes.
  16. Sesame oil: Under favour of high oleicacid (omega-9) and antioxidants, it helps to prevent aging and providing permanent humidity. It is extremely good in repairing nails which are disordereddueto calcium and vitamin lackness.
  17. Olive oil: It is extremely good for skin and hair. Mix olive oil with crushed garlic and use it for dried, harden skin to soften it. It prevents wrinkles only with some drops of lemon-honey mixture. It is mixed with rock salt. To provide smooth skin,apply this mixture to arms and legs. Olive oil is mixed with lemon and applied to skin, it protects the skin.Skin gets a decent colour with sun. To prevent dryness in the skin, crush the apple and mix it with olive oil. Keep this mixture on your face for 10 minutes then wash with warm water


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