What it Bonding application?


Bonding Adeziv system is changing the shape of teeth in single-stage as applying some materials on the teeth.

Bonding application is is used oftenly to close screw pitch. It is extremely successful way to closing that screw pitch for one or  some teeths.

Bonding is performed to a person who cannot make porcelain teeth to its broken teeth due to tender age trauma or falling down. This method can be performed successfully even if half of the teeth is broken.

In one stage, around 30 minutes for each teeth can be enough to make a new teeth on broken teeth.

Best side of bonding is minimally invasive, it means applying the material on the teeth without giving any damage on the teeth. In most instances, it is performed to screw pitch or broken part of the teeth. Because of this, bonding is completely protector application.

Bonding application is a technique that can be done pretty, easy and in short time by aesthetic dentistry

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