What is Turkish Sahlep?


Sahlep which is a good beverage at cold weather has a nutritious content. What a wonderful
cinnamon odor! What are the benefits of sahlep which has rich protein and calcium values for
healthy body? How to make real sahlep? Here is the recipe of it…
Sahlep that is one of the indispensable beverages at cold weather is the source of pleasure
and it is loved by everyone. Actually, sahlep is more than pleasure. It has many benefits for
health but it should be natural and additive-free. Well then, how to make sahlep? What are its

Sahlep that is drunk with pleasure at cold weathers has benefits for body;
 It relieves the pain in breast
 It destroys cough and bronchitis
 It strengths the mind
 It is used for the treatment of haemorrhoid
 It regulates term
 It helps to get rid of worm
 It meets dessert need without raising blood glucose
 It increases the speed of oil firing
 It relieves headache
 It eases digestion and destroys constipation and swelling

The recipe of sahlep
If you want to make additive-free and natural sahlep, you can buy 50 gram pure sahlep
powder and mix it with milk finally, get obtain a wonderful sahlep at home.

– 1 liter of milk
– 1 dessertspoon pure sahlep powder
– 1 tablespoon sugar
– If you want, a packet of vanilla and a stick cinnamon
– Sahlep powder for ornament

Firstly, mix sugar and sahlep powder in a plate. Boil milk in a cooking pot at medium heat.
Then, add sugar and sahlep mixture on boiled milk slowly and mix with wire whip
continuingly. Not to stick to pan and burn or not to be rough, continue mixing while it boils.
Continue to stir until sahlep has texture. Time that is enough to be tempered may change the
types of sahlep. Continue mixing at medium heat. When foam is obtained, you can
understand that sahlep is in the true texture. After that, distribute cups and sprinkle cinnamon
on them.

A cup of sahlep (approximately 200 mg) that is prepared at home is 188 calories.

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