What is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

What is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

It is recommended that you have the cabbage soup diet (cabbage detox) that takes the white cabbage to the center of your diet list, which is known for its fat burning feature in addition to its rich content of vitamins and minerals, for 7 days. In this diet, you can add cabbage to your meals and consume cabbage soup as much as you wish. Now that we have provided basic tricks, let’s take a look at what you should eat day by day:

• Day 1

The first day of this diet can be a bit challenging. But think like this, the first day of each diet is difficult. Regarding what you will eat, remember that first of all you need to drink cabbage soup as you get hungry. Next to the cabbage soup, you can eat just the fruit you want, except banana.

• Day 2

You should not eat any fruit on the 2nd day. Instead of fruit, you can consume boiled or raw vegetables (except beans, peas and corn) all day long. You can also choose 1 boiled potato in order to keep yourself full in the evening.

• Day 3

Another day when cabbage soup will be consumed all day long! Moreover, besides cabbage soup, you are free to consume as many vegetables and fruits as you want, except potatoes.

• Day 4

You can have 3-4 bananas and skim milk. Of course, as much cabbage soup as you want!

• Day 5

On the 5th day of the cabbage soup diet, you can consume up to 500 g of lean beef, chicken or fish. Besides, you only need to drink a bowl of cabbage soup, 6 tomatoes and plenty of water.

• Day 6

A must for a bowl of cabbage soup. Choose between lean steak, chicken or fish for lunch and dinner. You can consume boiled or raw vegetables as much as you wish, except potatoes.

• Day 7

Do not forget to drink a bowl of cabbage soup on the last day of the diet. In addition, you can consume brown rice, low-calorie vegetables and fruits.

Cabbage Soup Recipe

Cabbage Soup Recipe

If you’ve read the diet list and decided to go on this diet, you need to know how to make cabbage soup that will accompany you for 7 days. Also, cabbage is a vegetable that should be consumed all the time, not just while on the diet. This is why you can include the recipe of cabbage soup in your table other than this diet. Homemade cabbage soup recipe that helps speed up fat burning is as follows:


* 2 medium onions

* 1 medium cabbage

* 2 green pepper

* 2 tomatoes (diced)

* 1 bunch celery

* 3 carrots

* 1 pack of cultivated mushrooms

* 1 meat bouillon

* 2 tbsp olive oil

* 6-8 cups of water

* Salt, black pepper, chili pepper

Cabbage Soup Recipe

How to Cook

1. Dice all the vegetables.

2. Saute them all in a deep saucepan.

3. Then add enough hot water and a bouillon to as much as over the vegetables.

4. Do not take away from the cooker after the soup boils. Cook until the vegetables are tender.

5. Finally, add a little salt and the desired seasoning and mix it, then cover it.

Bon Appetit.

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