What is Kefir Soap?


Kefir’s benefits are known by everyone. I try to use in every part of my life as far as possible probiotic’s queen kefir. I both drink and give to my family member ever day 1 water glass of kefir.


Also you can see easily kefir’s benefits for skin care. Nevertheless, we talk about again kefir’s benefits to skin.


Kefir’s benefits to skin

It has extraordinary benefit in moistening dried skins and has important benefits for wrinkles and bulging part of the body. Also it eliminates skin spots and provides refreshing and brightness for skin.

Before giving the contain of the kefir soap, I want to give the link of my essay to fanciers. You can reach to my essays about soap’s recipe by this link.


What contains homemade kefir soap?

First of all, I produced kefir soap by %100 natural herbal and eatable oils as always. I produced kefir soap by cold pressing and didn’t expose to heat-treat. By this way it didn’t lose its enzymas and vitamins and prevented its probiotic structure.


It contains vegetable oils, homemade kefir and miserable caustic(helps to saponify).


You can see caustic as white layer when the soap dries. Because generally in villages lots of caustic are added to homemade olive oil soap. That whit layer shows that overdose caustic in soap. To provide balance of all materials in recipe, I use sensitive kitchen scale and measure all oils and sodium hydrochloride (NaOH).


Oils that I used for natural kefir soap:

Cold press olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and palm oil



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