What Exercise Style Does Your Body Type Fit?

Vücut Tipiniz Hangi Egzersiz Stiline Uygun

Exercise Recommendations According To Body Type, Exercise According To Body Type, -If You Have Celery Body Shape.

Although you try many diets that are good for your close friends, can’t you lose weight as you want? This is most likely because you do not eat or exercise according to your body type. This article we have prepared for you contains many tips on how to exercise according to your body type.

Exercise According to Body Type

1- If You Have Pear Body Shape

In pear-shaped women, weight in the body is usually collected in the hip part. The abdominal structure is also flat in the body, complete with a thin and narrow waist. Since it is very difficult to dispose of the fat accumulated in the hips, stability and regular exercise are essential in women with a pear body type.

First of all, women with this body type should definitely stay away from the overall excess cycling and spinning movements. Because when riding a bike and applying the spinning movement, the lower part of the body exerts a lot of effort and causes novelization after a certain period of time. The most appropriate type of exercise for women with this type of body type is running at a certain pace. In addition to running, Pilates movements, especially side legs and inner legs, and leg flexing movements can be preferred.

Vücut Tipiniz Hangi Egzersiz Stiline Uygun

2- If You Have Celery Body Shape

Women with celery body shape have shoulders, waist and hips that measure quite close together, and their breasts are small. Although women with celery body shape do not actually have much weight, the disproportion in their bodies does not create a pleasant image. For women in this group, the goal of the exercise is to give their bodies a certain degree of curvature. For this reason, muscle-building exercises should be preferred in the arm, leg and abdominal region, novelties taken to the shoulders should be worked with certain weights, both lower and upper body should be moved equally. In addition, the failure to achieve any growth in the breast size other than a surgical operation does not mean that you will not be able to develop your chest muscles. Developing your chest muscles will help you to have a more shaped chest, while the shaped chest will look fuller. On the other hand, brisk long-distance running and cardio exercises should be avoided.

3- If You Have Apple Body Shape

Vücut Tipiniz Hangi Egzersiz Stiline Uygun

In women with apple body shape, the weight is usually collected in the middle part of the body and the lower part of the body is either shorter or narrower than the upper part. If you have an apple body shape, the reason you have such physicality is none other than yourself. Apple body type is a body type that usually occurs as a result of insufficient exercise with an excessive and unstable eating pattern. Since excess fat is present throughout the body, it is a body form that is more dangerous in terms of health than other body types. In order to burn the fat collected in the middle part of the body, an exercise program should be applied with the weight of cardiovascular exercise movements. Swimming and cycling are two activities that have a lot of these movements in the program. Women with this body type should not neglect novelization while focusing on burning fat.

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