What are thebenefitsof oil of Tyhme?


What are the benefits of oil of Tyhme?

Being good for tuberculosis is another benefit of oil of thyme. If you have had fill of acnes, you can can use this beneficial oil.

It helps to provide menstruation regulation. It is beneficial for especially women who has irregular menstrual period, menstrual disorder. According to one research, it helps to prevent uterine cancer.


It is heart-friendly. One of its unknown side is eradicating snails are in the garden. However  it isn’t known by lots of people, oil of thyme can eradicate all snails are in your garden.

It is anti fungal. It can be used to be in the clear from ameba, bacteria, chinch, flea, tick and mosquito. It is al effective in astyma treatment.

It can be used as applying to skin in skin diseases like pearl and eczema. It has anti aging feature. It delays aging and wrickle occurring in the skin.

It is good for boils. It reduces the effects of bacterias which cause to foul breath. It refreshes your breathe.

It has good effects on sleeplessness.

It is also good for indigestion.


Oil of Thyme and Its side effects


First of all, oil of thyme shouldn’t be used by pregnants. It increases possibility of miscarriage. Due to it suck iron of body, it may cause to extremely iron deficiency. Also who has goiter problem shouldn’t use oil of thyme. Because this herb may increase thyroid gland. It should be taken under doctor control.


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