What are the harms of giving weight fastly?


Giving weight fastly is looking so attractive for people. For most of all, to get gains in short time is easier to make long time continuous life changing and thinking. Researchers call giving weight fastly as “accident diet”  However it helps to people to look better and beautiful in short time, it also brings some risks.


IT CAUSES TO Gallstone

Gall is a small organ and it stays just under the lung. The organ that we call as gall, stores o liquid that helps to break up the fat when we eat something. When the Gallstone  be comes crystalized and crystals become big, gallballs reveal. Gallstone sometimes can be so small (like sand) and sometimes can get big sizes.

Big Gallstone  may cause to serious and painful diseases. Fast weight loosing(3 kilos or more in a week) may increase Gallstone risk. %25 of The people who makes     low-calorie  diet get gall ball. Researchers think that giving weight so fast makes some changing in fat metabolism and it causes to problems. Giving weight and then taking back increases gall ball risk.



When a people gives so much weight, a part of the lost weight is generally from lean body weight (muscle and bone), not from the fat. By the tight diet protocols that are performed under the control of health employee.

The people may lose %25 of it’s lean body(body part without fat) weight with low-calorie  diet if it doesn’t take any action. Especially losing   bone tissue, may causes to serious problem at later ages as effecting metabolism and power.

When you give weight, the hardest thing to do is keeping away the weights that you have lost. In a low-calorie diet study, %40 of participants get their lost weights back. When you reduce the calories that you take seriously, even though you have to give weight, your body starts to think always starving.

As a protector mechanism, it makes your body’s metabolism slower and makes giving  weight harder. Also if you start to add calorie to your diet, it means that you are going to start to take weight fastly. Lots of people will realize that they get more weights than they lose in these diets.


Another side effects of rapid weight lose are electrolyte imbalancement, abnormal heart rate and rhyme, low blood sugar, dehydration,Acute, hair shedding, weakness, costiveness and some diseases.


Do not try alone

However giving weight dramaticand rapid looks attractive, it isn’t a thing that you have to do alone. The diets which are checked as medical, helps you to save your health when you give weight.

It can help you as observing side effects and providing your safety. If you are trying to give weight fastly, it is important that taking possible chances and consulting your health issues to your doctor.

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