What Are The Benefits Of Propolis?


Here are the benefits of propolis which is produced by bees and is good for some health issues:

  • Propolis helps treat cancer. It becomes the hope of many people due to its effect against cancer. Propolis includes up to 300 active ingredients. When investigation is done about its effect, it is pointed out that some of the ingredients in propolis are against cancer. Especially it prevents the proliferation of carcinogenic cells and it reduces likelihood of the transformation of healthy cells into cancerous cells and then prevents cancer from spreading from one organ to another. So it helps to fight against cancer with these effects. Seema Patel from the Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Research Center at San Diego State University has done a detailed search on propolis and cancer. It is stated that propolis can be against some cancer types including brain, head and neck, skin, blood, pancreas, kidney and bladder, prostate, colon, breast and then liver. Nevertheless cancer is a major health problem. Treatment must be absolutely doctor-controlled. Therefore you should definitely consult your doctor before using propolis against cancer. You should decide whether or not to use according to your doctor’s recommendations.
  • Propolis is against burns. It has a preventive effect on burns according to a survey conducted in 2002 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Healing effects in the treatment of second degree burns is among the benefits of propolis.
  • Propolis protects tooth structure. The doctors of Ancient Greece and Rome used propolis as a mouth disinfectant. Nowadays it is stated that propolis is effective against gingivitis. Propolis prevents bacterial plaque formation in the teeth and reduces tooth cavity. It also protects the structure of bone and cartilage.
  • Propolis is against warts. Patients with different types of warts were treated with propolis and echinacea for 3 months. It is clear that patients used propolis had higher recovery on their warts.



  • Propolis strengthens the immune system.
  • Propolis is against ailments such as cold and flu.
  • Propolis is also beneficial in helping skin problems such as acne.
  • Propolis can be used for dermatitis.
  • Propolis provides protection against parasites.
  • Propolis is good for sore throat.


Honey bees make up by mixing their saliva with propolis after collecting propolis from plant stems and gemmas. Propolis is different from bee’s pollen. Propolis is described as colophonium and a sticky substance. In fact the bees produce propolis to protect the hive. The bees cover the open or crack side of the hive and inner side. So they block other organism or creatures access to the hive. The content of propolis varies depending on which bees are harvested, collection time and place. Scientists have discovered that the content of propolis includes more than 300 natural components such as amino acids, polyphenols, aldehydes and steroids. Generally raw propolis consists of about 50 percent resin, 30 percent wax, 10 percent essential oil, 5 percent pollen, 5 percent compounds.


It is possible to find propolis which has lots of benefits especially in herbalists. If its benefits are known commonly in time, it can be easily found in herbalist. It is widely sold in liquid and solid forms which are in two forms. The liquid one looks like a drop whereas the solid one is small brown, green or yellowish grain shapes. The liquid one is mostly preferred. That’s why the liquid one is easily used and the common one.


Propolis which is in solid and liquid forms can be used in different ways. You can add the solid form to your food and drink by grating it. You can use the liquid form by dripping ten drops into your tea. By the way if you have a throat inflammation, gingival problem, you can gargle with the liquid propolis. Nowadays propolis is added into creams, lotions, ointments, and toothpastes. It is also used in that way.

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