What are the benefits of Chia Seed?


Chia seed is a beneficial food and known by many people. Chia seed oil is derived by cold press. Benefits of the Chia seeds are moistening the skin, balancing the cholesterol, saving the heart.

What are the benefits of Chia Oil?

This oil includes intensive omega 3 oil acids. Omega 3 oil acids prevents the body from lots of diseases. Benefits of Chia seed oils are;

  • Includes high incidence of antioxidant, alfa linolenic and lineleik acid from essancial oils
  • Beside A,B,D and E vitamins, it contains magnesium, manganez, sulfur, iron, iodine
  • Helps to joint to get stronger
  • Reduces xerophthalmia. Beside reducing xerphthalmia, it is also good for eye itching, burning
  • Balances cholesterol
  • Balances blood pressure


  • It is rich in omea 3 oil acids. Omega 3 oils helps consisting of brain cells. It makes the memory stronger, provides from becoming sensile. It contributes to mood positively and reduces the possibility of getting into depression
  • Prevents from cancer. It has a feature that including intensive alfalineik acid and saves from cancer. In 2013, Journal of Molecular Biochemistry stated that alfa lineik acid is good for breast cancer and cervical cancer.
  • Saves the heart. It saves heart health by omega 3. 1 tea spoon chia oil ina a day reduces heart attack and paralysis.
  •  Includes intensive fibers. Fiber, helps to balance insulin level in body. According to National institutes of health, like linseed and chia seed, balance the natural blood sugar by the high fiber content.
  • Regulates digestive system: By the high fiber contents, contributes to bowel system. By this means, it easies defaecating and relieves digestive system.
  • Contributes to bowels: Chia seeds makes a material like gelatin in stomach. This gelatin consist of the fibers of chia seeds. As prebiotic, It supports probiotic bacterias getting bigger in bowels.
  • It is good for diabete: Some studies were performed about the effects of chia seeds on diabete in University of Argentina and University of Litoral.Also a research was published. According to results, it can provide the body from diabete by including alfa linolenic acid and fibers highly.
  • Preserves the bones: It is a good calcium source. It can fulfil %18 percentage of daily calcium requirement. By this way, it preserves the bones. It also includes one more mineral for bone health, boron
  • It is a good protein source: This situation supports muscle consisting, balances blood sugar. At the same time, it helps to get back minerals that you lose when you make sport.
  • It is good for teeth: It contains Vitamin A, zinc, calcium and phosphor and they preserves the teeth. Especially calcium is like building block of teeths and necessary for teeth health. Zinc saves dental plates and prevents tartar consisting.


  • It moistens the dry skins
  • Saves the skin from harmful solar rays
  • It is good for lips
  • It preserves from aging
  • Gives brightness and wink to skin
  • Nurtures the hair skin. For this benefit it can be used as adding to hair cream
  • With antioxidant materials that it contains, repairs the skin and prevents the skin damages. By this way it hold up getting older
  • By vitamin B3 and zinc, helps to open closed pores


Chia seed oil may causes to stomach problems if it used overdose because of intensive fibers that it contains

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