Wha is Hijama – Wet cupping or Hacamat?


Hijama is taking out the toxic that causes to some diseases in body which accumulates under the skin by vacuuming.  Stabbing is a type of treatment method that our Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah (S.A.V) reccommened and sunna that he used to do it hisself.

The blood accumulated under the skin, is dark-colored doughy as loosing blood features and it causes to lots of diseases that effects our immune system negatively.

Hijama is a kind of treatment method without any pain, any ache, any bedrest, any workforce loss and it is the easiest way to save the body from diseases and living healthy.

Hijama word has “absorbing, bringing normal form” meanings in Arabian. If the stabbing is performed periodically and proper to method, the body can absorb the heavy metals, toxins, free radicals, ruins of medicines and food’s hormone and brings the body to normal form as taking them out of the body.

Hijama is so common in Islamic states and also a treatment method not only in European countries but also all over the world. Stabbing is performed with traditionally with horn and nowadays it can be performed with glass cups and vacuum sets. Cutting the skin is generally performed with razor and to make it in hygienic conditions we perform it with bisturi. Also all materials shouldn’t be reuseable and it has to be cared.


Hijama treatment is surgical action. All action methods such as it will be performed to who and how, should be determined by the doctor. This treatment should be performed by doctor or other medical personnel within doctor’s control.


If you want to take stabbing treatment for a diseases and you can get a clear result, you can take other treatment methods by our clinic.

According to our work process system of our clinic in cronichal diseases,we take our patients firstly to body scanning device  (WEGAMET). After taking the treatments regularly as our doctor determined in the direction of the device results and patient’s complains, getting better results can be easier.

In our clinic, beside Hijama treatments, we also make treatments for chronical diseases such as ozon treatment,      acupuncture, osteopathy,             mesotherapy, bio energy, psychoteraphy and herbal treatment.



If there isn’t diseases and stabbing will be performed for saving the health, detox or sunna, it is important to follow recommended season, month,week and days to get maximum benefit from Hijama reatment.

Recommened seasons for Hijama are spring and autumn, and single days (suchas 15, 17,19, 21, 23, 25, 27) of between 14-28 of             the month of the hegira.

If the Hijama treatment is performed for treatment, it should be performed as soon as possible by ignoring the recommended days. In this issue, only days of the week are important.(Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Sunday)

It is kindly recommended to take Hijama treatment 2-4 times in a year. If a healthy person takes stabbing treatment who doesn’t have any disease, it is good to make 2 in a year in season changing times.


General Benefits of Hijama

Before everything, Hijama is a kind of blood giving action so it has all medical benefits of it. Also, with it’s important benefical feature and support on saving the body from diseases, it is recommended twice in a year for all healthy human(all age groups).


Benefits of Hijama are as below:

  • It makes stronger immune system and givesresistance to body
  • It helps to take accumulated heavy metal and toxins out of the blood
  • It eliminates oedemas
  • It stimulates organs that produce blood
  • Stimulates neurological functions
  • Eliminates aches
  • It is effective in preventing potential diseases


  • It is beneficial in all chronical diseases treatment such as calf, neck hernia, joint aches, lung, heart diseases, psychological diseases.


  • Gives brightness to eyes, increase seeing ability of the eye. If the person has stabbing from head, can realize it easily.


  • It is extremely good for the people who has forgetfulness, focusing problem, reading comprehension and headache complains. It increases memorization stronger,developsgiving fast decision.


  • Hijama is extremely good for kids and youths to have balanced puberty.


  • The person who takes stabbing treatment regularly, by it makes immune system stronger, doesn’t get flu or cold oftenly and gets healthier and brighter body.



  • Too old and weak peoples
  • Heartproblems
  • Chronical diarrhea
  • Continues Bleeding
  • Pregnants
  • Aplastic anemia (anemia, leukemia, thalassemia)
  • Low tension
  • Chemoterapy
  • So sensitive and afraidful people



  • The patient who takes Hijama treatment shouldn’t be neither full or hungry. It is recommended to eat some light foods 2-3 hours before stabbing to reduce tension.
  • If the patient uses antiaggregant  medicine (except comadin), patient should take it’s medicine 4-5 hours after taking stabbing treatment. It may shows       variability according to patient’s disease so you have to consult to your doctor. We don’t accept to treatment the patients who use Comadin as medicine.



  • To do not consume food of animal origin day before or after Hijama treatment.
  • Todo not consume 1 day before sexual intercourse
  • Smokers should drink 1 hour before and after stabbing treatment
  • Do not sleep 6 hours after stabbing treatment.It is kindly recommended to take a walk for 30 minutes.
  • Do not eat or drink till 2 hours after Hijama treatment, after that 2 hours drinking water with vinegar or honey juice are beneficial.



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