Turkish Tea and Its Benefits


Although Camellia Sinensis which means tea is from Far East, today, this type is prevalent
all around the world. It is produced so many countries and the leaves of this plant is the most
consumed beverage in the world. Different countries find and develop different ways for
process and infusion. As a result of that, many different types of tea become appear. The
taste of tea varies from climate conditions to when it is harvested or how it is dried and how it
is fermented. Those differences and factors determine the aroma of tea. In these varieties,
Turkish tea has a special place. We determine to investigate this issue and we examine the
benefits of Turkish tea consumption for your health. Turkish tea which is a type of tea has a
Turkish culture with teapot, tea glass and Turkish delight. Firstly, green tea is harvested and
after oxidation process, black tea is obtained. Within this process, the most observable
change is surely the black color of tea. Its reason is that the antioxidant undergoes change
and converts into reverberation or tannate. This process does not reduce the effect of
antioxidant of tea since if we mention easily, an antioxidant is destroyed and the new one is
come. That is why, like green tea that has many advertisements, black tea is beneficial
against cancer or any other diseases. One of the most important characteristic also becomes
appear when it is grown. Our country is not as hot as other counties like India which grows
tea. For this reason, the weather that tea leaves completed its growth and ripening is cold
and in this season insects lie low. Tea is harvested in February in our country so the weather
protects tea leaves against parasite naturally. Therefore, pesticide is not used in tea that is
harvested from Black Sea Region and there is no necessity to be used. However, the
weather is hot at growth and ripening period in the countries that have warm climate and the
insects in tropical climate invade the leaves of it. Thus, more pesticide is used to clean these
leaves at these countries. Of course, they try to do best to clean the pesticide residue after
harvested but Turkish tea that is not used any pesticide is the cleanest tea around the world!

The other good characteristic of Turkish tea is that it is harvested when it is fresh. Since
climate is not tropical in Turkey, tea leaves do not grow too long and the aroma of leaves is
softer too. That is why, the matters such as caffeine and tannin exist less at Turkish tea.
Actually, those matters are beneficial for health but when caffeine is consumed too much, it
causes an addiction. Tannate leads to anemia by preventing absorption of some minerals
like iron. This and these similar side effects are seen less at Turkish tea.
Another characteristic of Turkish tea is that it is steeped at different way. The people who are
from Far East prefer to drink tea as a green tea. They steep just a few seconds and the
extract that is beneficial does not hydrate and then they remove it from water immediately.
That is why, the benefits of their tea is not abundant. Arabians and some other countries boil
dark black tea that is from South Asia hour after hour and get jet black tea. The black tea in

this form causes iron deficiency and it reduces food absorption. When it comes to England,
The English add milk on tea and they reduce the characteristic of antioxidant. Nevertheless,
Turkish people brew the tea and drink it crisply without making these mistakes. As a result,
our tea is the healthiest one. That means, the benefits of Turkish tea is more than other teas
and the harm (if any occurs) is less. For this reason, people are interested in Turkish tea all
around the world and many people come from different countries to our country to taste
Turkish tea. Therefore, we should know the importance of our tea and prefer to drink it
instead of imported tea.

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