Turkish Bath and Benefits for Health

Turkish Bath and Benefits for Health

The baths, which had been part of our culture for centuries, were the most frequent places where women went to flourish in the palace during the Ottoman Empire. So what are the health benefits of the bath, also known as “Turkish bath”?

The baths used to be used for relaxation and cleaning, but today the most important benefit of the baths, which are mostly used for pleasure purposes, is to rest the body. In general, going to the bath once a week is very relaxing for the body.

– Relaxes your mind by reducing the stress out.

– Cleanses the skin by removing dead cells from the skin, allows fresh skin to emerge from the bottom and keeps the skin young and fresh.

 – It has recently been widely used for infections and cancer patients. This disease provides important advantages.

 – Strengthens the immune system.

 – The body releases toxins from the bath. It burns fat. It is therefore also recommended to people who want to lose weight.

– With the effect of hot air and steam, all the dirt that fills the pores in your body softens. All pores are opened after rubbing with a coarse bath-glove. Thus, your skin is purified from dead skin and gets more oxygen.

– Provides strengthening of the immune system.

– Increases blood circulation and metabolic activity of the body.

– Relieves muscle tensions and pain, opens limited joints.

– Reduces sinus congestion caused by cold, asthma or allergic diseases.

– You can purify the body from toxins by providing a detox effect with rubbing with a coarse bath-glove and foam massages in the bath.

– Happiness hormones called serotonin and endorphins are secreted in the body with the effect of the temperature in the bath. Thanks to this situation, the body is rested and the mind is opened.

– One of the most important benefits of the bath is the removal of dead skin from the body. It provides the new skin by removing the dead skin in our skin.

– It provides great benefit for those who want to lose weight. Fat burning can be accelerated by going to the bath thanks to the steam temperature.

– Turkish bath is very effective in relieving stress. You can relax your body by going to the Turkish bath in irritable and tense times.

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