To Prepare Face Whitener Masks at Home


However skin colour isa divine grace, someone can be complainer. Brunettes wants to get whitener, white-skinned wants to get darken. Especially people quantity of the people who wants to be whiter is much more then the people who wants to be darken. If you want to prepare face whitener mask to change your face colour, this essay is for you.


If you want to whiten your skin colour, firstly you should know that to find a permanent result is impossible. You can be successful with temporary methods. An example for a easy method is avoiding spending time under sun and using lighter coloured foundation or face powder. But it won’t be permanent daylong. If you make your make up at home before leaving, you can see easily your face turns back to its colour when you return home.


Recipe 2


  • 1 middle size tomato
  • White powder with a vengeance

Application: Peel the tomato well, grate it and separate its pulps.

After separating the pulp, add powder to to mate juice till it gets cream consistency. Apply this mixture to your face as mask but dın’t keep it in your face for long time. There can be irrititation due to tomato’sburner feature. So, you should wash your face after maximum 5 minutes.


Recipe 3


1 water glass rice

2 water glass water

Application: Boil the water and pour it to rices. Keep rice in this situation for 1 night. Drain your rices and apply that starchy water to your face. Keep this water minimum 1 hour in your face and than wash it with warm water without soap. In fact, it is a recipe that anyone can do when cooking rice. Already for rice pilaf you need to soak the rice and drain it. Instead of pouring starchy water, you can use it for your face care.

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