The Yellow Centaury Oil (Benefits and How to Make)

The Yellow Centaury Oil

The Yellow Centaury Oil:  it is particularly used in the wound and burnt treatment, however it can be used in many situations such as rheumatism treatments, preventing infections of wounds, including sun tan, etc.  It is a known fact that this plant which is a small source of healing is beneficial for every single person( from 7 to 70).  Definetly keeping the yellow centoury oil, which can be prepared easily in even house, on a corner of your house will form miracles to facilitate your life in times of need.



Making of the Yellow Centaury Oil (Homemade Made)

The yellow Centaury flowers are crushed softly.  It is necessary to gather the yellow centoury flowers on a sunny weather. Gathered and crushed flowers are put into a kavanosa and a little olive oil is added on it. It is required that added olive covers on flowers.  This prepared mixture is kept on the sun by stirring occasionally provided that its lid is open for about a week. Then it should be kept on the sun  by stirring occasionally-again- for about a month provided that its lid is open. In the end of this period the lid is opened and oil is filtered by a cheesecloth.  Anymore it is required that oil is preserved in a chilly environment and in a dark bottle . It the yellow centoury oil will be used for burnt treatment, flaxseed  can be used instead of olive oil. When  the prepared oil  is kept under suitable conditions, it would go on for 2-3 years without losing its effect.  




Benefits of The Yellow Centaury Oil

  • it is used for partulicularly wound and burnts treatment.
  • It is applied on aching part, which suffers from rheumatism pains and muscle pains, by being rubbed .
  • İt can be used for stopping bleedings, because the yellow centoury oil has a vasoconstrictive effect.
  • With its rejuvenescence feature, it can be internally applied on the skin for the skin to look smoothly and beautifully.
  • Also with this feature, it provides to remove scars  that emerged due to wound, stratch  or similar reasons on face and body or any another part of the body.
  • It increases the blood circulation and is also beneficial for black ad blue spot on the body.
  • It is beneficial for hemorrhoid. It should be rubbed on hemorrhoid part by dropping 4-5 drops into a tea cup water each day.
  • Owing to depression reasons, it helps removing of the spiritual feelings such as concern, unhappiness , anxiety  and hopelessness.
  • Since it organizes the blood circulation, it decreases noticeably the formation of varixes.
  • If you complain that your feet have not warmed in no way, you will notice that your feet have not felt cold when you rub it on your soles.
  • It is known that it is good for sprains and that it relieves pains.
  • It can be used so as to remove these spots on skins that are damaged from the sun and are sun-stained.
  • It can also be used as maintenance cure for the skin.
  • It prevents infections of wounds with antiseptic feature.
  • It helps easily healing of boils .
  • İt will relieve pains when it is applied by giving massage softly to sciatica pains, to muscle pains , to back pains and to waist pains.
  • You can also use the yellow centoury oil for your babies in safe
  • It helps removing the intertrigo problem on baby intertrigos.
  • For the ending of the stomachache of baby, it will relieve when it is rubbed by giving   massage on stomach part.

How to Apply

  • The yellow centoury oil should be applied extornally by massage for all its benefits above. In general, it is recommended not to drink it. In case of drinking , it is said that it reduces pruriency.  Also overuse may cause that  yellow centoury oil would show side effects just like on everything. If you want to use the yellow centoury oil internally,  you should not drink it more than a dessertspoon per day.

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