The Vegetable – Based Solutions Against Psora And Vitiligo


At the treatments of vitiligo,eczema and psora, vegetable-based solutions can help beside the medicine. Specialists saying eczema and psora are very similar disorders state that the cures used in usual medicine for this kind of diseases are not very different and generally the cream contains cortisone are used.


Herbalist Tarkan Güveloğlu say that although only vegetable-based cream is used, both internal and external treatments should be applied together. He replied our questions:

– What is the difference between eczema, psora and Vitiligo?

When it is compared, eczema is a more allergic disease. Psora is renovating of skin itself immediately because of distortion of immune system (not weakened). In normal conditions, human skin renews itself in every 28-30 day-period. However, in psora and eczema, skin regenerates itself in every 2 days. The upper side of the skin is thrown from the body as if it is detrited. Moreover, vitiligo is the problem of skin of whiteness as a result of pigments are not stimulated because of neurotic spasms and pigments called melanin are not worked. That is why, in my opinion only external applications are not enough to get rid of these diseases.


-How can we benefit from plants for treatment of these problems?

Most of plants which I offered to consume consist of drops of nectar that are solvent of nervous spasm and herbal tea. Moreover, cream which includes nectar for external use should be applied. Firstly, I want to say that people should go doctor in the treatments of psora or any other diseases. After diagnosis, when plants or honey are used, it is mandatory to form a personal composition because everybody has a different construction. Some people can suffer from other disorders like high blood pressure or diabetes.


-What do you offer for the tratments of psora and eczema?

The treatments of these two diseases are very similar. Licorice root, nigella, french lavender, bee balm, leaves of nettle, common fennel, woundwort are plants that are used for the cure of these diseases. If people suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, they should not use licorice root. A pinch of plant is put in boiling water and it is infused in 10 minutes. Before meal, it is drunk a glass of it. It should be consumed 2-3 cups in a day.


Apart from  these plants, pure honey is necessary to use. Pure honey is a intense form of herbal tea. It should be prepared dose of personal needs. Furhermore, it should be support with the cream that contains juniper tar. In these sunny days, it is rational to benefit from sea water and sunlight. In other words, if they are not excessive, they are beneficial.


-What About Vitiligo?

Since I think that vitiligo is also a neurotic illness, similar plants and vegetables are necessary. Bee balm, licorice root, aniseed, laurel, semen pegani, french lavender are helpful plants for vitiligo. Apart from plants, private nectar drops have to be used. Pure bee’s pollen as a vitamin support should be eaten 1-2 dessert spoon a day. Malt beverage that contains beer yeast is also helpful. People who suffer from vitiligo have deficiency of vitamin B12 or iron or both of them.At the end of the analysis results, if there is deficiency, iron and vitamin B12 should be taken in the light of doctor advice.


Vitamin A that stimulates color cells, carrot that contains beta carotene, apricot, peach, melon and watermelon increase the possibility of success of treatment. Over consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol are protracting the time of healing. That is why, these habits are used as limited as possible. Cream that is made from rosemary, thyme and bergamot also supports the treatment of vitiligo.



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