Inappropriate treatments can harm the skin. It is important to know your skin type before applying any treatment. There is an easy way to determine your skin type. Wash your face with warmish water ten times. Then towel your face slightly and wait 30 minutes. If your skin gets stretched, you have a dry skin. If your skin gets blushed, you have a tender skin. If both options are not visible, press your face paper handkerchief. If you see oily stain on the paper handkerchief, you have an oily skin. If oily stains are visible just on your forehead and nose, you have a combination skin.


Using just creams is not efficient for sparkling skin. Keeping up with your body’s natural rhythm will help your skin look well. Follow the suggestions of experts to have a sparkling skin.

*Sleep Early: It is not called beauty sleep in vain. If your skin cannot recover itself after a stressful day, you had difficulty to treat your skin. You need between 6 and 8 hours to treat it.

* Be relaxed: Stress has big influence on getting aged. The biggest enemy of stress is yoga. Even simple movements regulate circulation and oxygen and then reduce stress on a daily basis.

* Do not go on yo-yo diet: Lose weight in your 30s and do not put on weight back from your cheeks. The pit cheeks are a sign of aging so avoid from drastic lose weights.

* Do not get too hot or too cold places: Skin does not like extreme things. Getting into warm home into from cold home or getting outside (warm) from an office with an air conditioner puts your skin in a big stress. Your skin will consume energy in every adaptation in terms of environment.

*Control your desire for desserts: Eating too much chocolate brings the danger of wrinkles. Sugar affects our skin the same way as how it affects our hips. It takes 15 years to remove collagen which is damaged by too much sugar, so if you reduce sugar, you will have young skin in the future.

* Moisturize your skin: Moisturize keeps the skin hydrated and fuller put a moisturizer or a towel on your radiator which is in your bedroom at nights.

*Massage your wrinkles: Massage your skin to activate the lymph circulation and increase your skin purity.

* Herbs protect your skin from getting dirty: NASA’s search points out that a house with 15 house plants has a higher air quality.

*Walk- Do not run: High impact exercises are stressful not only for the body but also the skin. So walking and making oval movements are more beneficial.


Do you get the statement in life before a new year? Are you saying that you need a new life style and new body? Then let’s take a look advices in Formsante magazine, extend your life!

  • Do not be shy to laugh loudly: Laughing extends human life an average 7 years according to the results of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology research.
  • Eat a handful of hazelnuts 5 times in a week: Those who are used to eat hazelnut during meals can add 2 years and 9 months more to their life spans. Researchers at Loma Linda University in California say it. That’s why the level of antioxidants in the hazelnut is very high.
  • Be a little flirtatious: It is stated that having sex 150 times in a year adds 8 years to human life span. Israeli researchers have found that women who have a good sex life spend less money for their health.
  • Be confident: It is stated that being shy can reduce life span according to an experiment on animals. It was observed that self-confident rats live longer %20 percent rather than the others when they encountered new things which they are not used to. If you are enough brave to try your luck, you find better things and live a happier life.
  • Stay away from the smoke: Researchers at the University of Bristol say that each cigarette which you regret to smoke gets you breath more minutes. Furthermore; it is stated that quitting completely smoking would extend the life span by an average of 5 years.
  • See the full side of the glass: Mayo Clinic specialists from respected healthcare institutions in the US say that the likelihood of optimists dying at young age is 50 percent lower than pessimists. The reason for this is probably that the optimists have low blood pressure and stress.
  • Take a nap: Studies have shown that taking a nap in afternoon reduce the risk of heart attack by 34 percent. Another proof for this is that women in Spain famous with its siesta live 3years longer than women in Europe.
  • Make new friend: Experts from Flinders University in Australia say that good friendships can last up to 10 years. If you have a boring social life, it’s time to act!
  • Reduce working hours: If you work more than 51 hours a week, you know that the risk of high blood pressure and cerebral bleeding increase by %25 percent. These take three years of the life span. Research shows that the healthiest is working 39 hours a week and under.
  • 10- Run to the countryside: According to results of research at the University of Athens, those who love the countryside life lives on average 8 years longer than those who prefer the city.
  • Get rid of your excessive weights: Experts say that every kilogram which you carry beyond your ideal kilogram decreases 36 days of your life span. It is not a figure which can be despised!
  • Express your feelings: The researches show that the longest-lived people in the Mediterranean Sea live in Simi Island of Greece. Experts relate this with people which express their feelings.
  • Do a favour: To help someone you love very much, we will give you positive emotions. That’s plus 5 years!
  • Reduce the consumption of salt: If you do reduce the consumption of salt by one out third, you extend your life span 7 years more. If you cannot give up the taste, you may prefer sodium-reduced salts.


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