Best 22 Benefits of The Coconut Oil (Copra Oil)

The Copra Oil

What is the copra oil?

The coconut ( Cocos nicuferia ) is a palm type which can grow in tropical regions and whose thickle-shelled fruits are edible. The copra oil is acquired by squeezing through cool extrusion method following drying white meat part of the coconut

17 Benefits of The Copra Oil

  1. Make-up cleaner: It is as effective as the most popular make-up cleaners. Even mascaras that are endurance against water can not do nothing against the copra oil. With a little amount of the oil that can be melted in your hand and circular massage that you will apply on your face you can dissolve all remains of make-up, however you will need a good decontamination.
  2. Oral malodor: Because the copra oil has antibacterial features, it is a good selection in this field. You can gargle, mixing a dessertspoon of the copra oil with water. You can write down this as economic and a natural alternative against mouth care waters, as well as being purified oral malodor and bacterias.
  3. Body moustirizer:Particularly if you have a dry skin, you can preclude thin lines end exfoliations which stem from dryness. You can make your skin soft following shower and you can eliminate bad appearance of hard parts (patellas, elbow, foot heels )
  4. Fingernail feeder: If you have weak nails that are inclined to breaking,  you can reach more fast and stronger stretching fingernails,  massaging by some amount of the copra oil before sleeping every night.  Furthermore you will have extended your period of manicure since you will make cuticles soft in the meantime.
  5. Make-up brush cleaning : Again the copra oil is cure for us   Just what we have to do is that watching that your brushes are easily cleaned following spilling little soap and shampoo on your brush cleaning apparatus and adding a teaspoon of the copra oil.
  6. Lip Balm : You can not only preclude chappings by adding some of the cinnamon oil inside the copra oil converted into solid form in season of winter, you can but also acquire balm that will make a pulm shape by moistening your lips.
  7. Abdominal Chappings : The copra oil, which is the most natural measure that can be taken for chap pregnant women suffer, can prevent the formation of chaps or can fade it’s appearance. Moreover you can also make your skin care in the meantime.
  8. Under eye concealer: You don’t need to save extra money for the eye care! You can obstruct the formation of thin lines and eye bags while supplying required moisture for your under eyes with little amount of the copra oil before sleeping on night .
  9. Doping on hairs : You can get rid of electrification by a small amount of the copra oil that will be applied on hair and you can conceal appearence of fructured ones. It helps extenting your your hair fast and healthy, eliminating scalp problems thanks to its superb and curative ingredient.
  10. Massage Oil : To get rid of tiredness of day, you can relax with mint, eucalyptus and lavender oil which you will add on an amount of the copra oil and you can relieve your muscle pains.
  11. Bleacher toothpaste : The biggest nightmare of many of us is the yellowing in the teeth owing to coffee tea and cigarette. Mix the copra oil, a teaspoon of carbonate,  five drops of mint or eucalyptus oil with 4 tablespoon  of carbonate,  apply this by toothbrush. Finally you will reach white teeth.
  12. Shaving Cream If you use razor blade for body cleaning,  following application you can use the copra oil to prevent scratchiness and skin dryness  and you can apply to neutralize  redness and to calm the skin irritated after epilation.
  13. Regenerative Cream :You can ease muscle pains, which happen due to insect bite or stress, applying by the copra oil.
  14. Hair mask :Apply the copra oil on your hairs minimum half an hour before entering the bathroom and subsequently apply shampoo. This application shall provide less aging, undertaking regeneration and moisturizing. As to dry hairs, if you apply the copra oil on hair edges  following shower,  you can eliminate dryness problem.
  15. Night cream :Apply the copra oil by massaging your skin before sleeping night, and sleep in that way. The copra oil shall help regenerating your skin with its antioxidant and regenerative effect as you sleep.
  16. Keeper before dyeing application :If you hair exposes to chemical application very much, exactly you must try it, you can take your hairs under protection by some amount of the copra oil that you will add on your dye before dyeing. Moreover you can make softer and brighter final possible in the end of the application.  This is a permanent step that I do while dyeing my mum’s hair.  I think it makes the dye little more permanent.
  17. Use the copra oil in meals:Well, this is my favourite side. You must exactly try this beneficial option that works wonders in especially salads and cakes I have to admit that you should try it for rice. Result is very successful.
  18. It is good for insect bites.

The Coconut Oil (Copra Oil)

Apply it directly on insect bites to reduce burning sensation and to prevent prurituses. Besides, it helps reducing rednesses and swellings.

19 Reduce the pain that your baby feels while growing it’s tooth.

Gently rub your baby’s gingivas for relief by little amount of the copra oil.

20 -Use it in intertrigos.

The copra oil relieves gently intertrigo. Rub a little bit of the copra oil on part- intertrigos and wrap your baby’s bottom as you always do. You can also use the  copra oil as protective each day, however you must be sure whether your baby’s skin adapts to the oil or not.

21-Make a healthy research.

All of these healthy and delicious recipes contain the copra oil , which strengthens the health factor and aroma :

  • Start day with healthy breakfast. “ The copra oil Granola”
  • This recipe contains plenty of fibres and proteins. “ Brownies-black bean with the copra oil”
  • Put somethings that can make you happy in your bags. “ Lovely carrots and cupcakes with the copra oil”
  • With these snacks that contain the copra oil, make your child’s party colour. “ chips-chicolated made with the copra oil”

22-Fight against foot adour

If you deal with stinking feet, Rubbing your feet by the copra oil all the time will make them odorless and spacious.


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