The Benefits Of The Bitter Almond Oil And Its Cream

Bitter Almond Oil

The almond tree is of the family rosaceae. The almond tree blooms pink and white flowers. Almond,  which is fruit of almond tree growing almost around the world,  divides into two species as bitter almond  and sweet almond.

The Benefits of The Bitter Almond

  • The bitter almond can unblock obstructions which happen in liver, spleen and kidneys.
  • The bitter almond is beneficial against hemoptysis which happen in chest and liver diseases.
  • The bitter almond is also beneficial against spleen, kidney, shoulder pain and chest pains.

Attention : Almost ten the bitter almond can be taken with purpose of treatment. (Nevertheless we offer that you consume little amount of the bitter almond against possibility of poisoning )

The Benefits of The Bitter Almond Oil

The bitter almond oil has features such as antitussive and diabetes reducer.  The bitter almond oil is also effective in sun tans, dry and chap care.

The Benefits of The Bitter Almond Milk: What is the benefit of the bitter almond milk?

The bitter almond milk is beneficial for the skin .It is a good cleaner, especially is used in make-up cleaning.

The benefits of the bitter almond cream : what is the benefit of the bitter almond cream?

The bitter almond cream formed with adding of the bitter almond oil has moisturizer feature.  The bitter almond cream has intensive moisturizing and rapid absorption feature.  It is protective against drying and chapping.  In particular,  the bitter almond cream used during period of pregnancy is beneficial for ruptures and chaps of the skin. The bitter almond cream beatufies the skin and feeds it.

Bitter Almond

How is the bitter almond oil used?

Internally drink the bitter almond oil by dripping 2-3 drops into a cup of tea,  while externally it is offered to rub the bitter almond oil on the skin by massage.

The bitter almond oil from the bitter almond is a  curative plant which provides benefit us in terms of health.  It contains plenty of sugar, protein and amygdaline.  Its milk and cream is also beneficial for the skin, as well as the bitter almond oil  Before going to sleep,  rub completely your skin by the bitter almond oil.  Dry yourself,  having shower with tepid water in the mornings. You cannot believe in your eyes when you see that your skin looks soft and smooth.


  • It is quite beneficial for the skin agings which happen due to partulicularly cool weathers.
  • It protects the skin against chappings.
  • It prepares the skin for make-up.
  • It can be used comfortably in make-up cleaning.
  • It protects and feeds the moisture balance of the skin affected from sun and sea.
  • Before and after pregnancy, chappings that may be happened on the skin goes down the lowest level thanks to flexibility,  which it is acquired from real almond oiled formule.
  • It provides the skin to breathe and gives relief in its usage following shaving.
  • It is exfoliant on dried skins.


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