The Benefits of Rosemary Oil

The Benefits of Rosemary Oil

The Benefits of Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil  is an oil gained in consequence of the extraction of essence of leaves of rosemary plant. Rosemary oil, which is as useful as rosemary whose essence is extracted, is used as treatment method on numerous disorders. It is intensively advised because of feature such as removing cellulite and losing weight among women and those who want to become thin prefer it intensively. Rosemary oil is also used by those who suffer from rheumatism disorder, however it has been found that rosemary oil is good  for disorders in result of studies.

What are the benefits of Rosemary Oil ?

  • It is a good source of healing for arthralgias.
  • You can use it for headache.
  • To relieve purplenesses by rosemary oil in short time, rub rosemary oil on the problematic part and give massage slowly.
  • İf you have problem such as atrichiosis and scurf you can apply it, giving massage on hair roots.

You can apply  by rubbing it on your skin once or twice a week for your skin to look brighter and to look younger. So many skin creams also contain rosemary oil.

Is it possible to lose weight with rosemary oil?

Rosemary oil is used for local losing weight rather than losing weight of all the body. It is mostly preferred to melt basen and belly. You can drink rosemary tea or apply rosemary oil to get rid of redundances on paunch. One of the widely known features of the herbal tea is that it provides the metabolism work fast. The metabolism working fast performs fat burning faster and more effectively

How is Rosemary oil used? 

  • Rub rosemary oil on the part in which you want to lose weight and in which there are redundances, and let the part absorb the oil. Then give massage on the part which you rub oil during 10 minutes.
  • Is is enough to apply it once a day.
  • If you do application on night, you can provide wrapping of the oil better, wrapping the part by stretch. ( You can read our subject “ losing belly fat by wrapping stretch flim “ with respect to thus subject ) Thus you can perform the local losing weight. Pay attention to do this application twice or three times a week. It may be harmful for your skin if it is used excessively
  • After applying rosemary oil you can benefit by wrapping it by stretch , taking exercise or by taking for a walk.  Do not do this application more than twice or three times a week.  Because our skin needs to breathe.
  • Do not forget to drink plent of water along with application you do. Sweating and going WC will increase, do not worry.
  • Do not forget to back your application up with 45-minute walk in the morning or in the evening.
  • Rosemary oil is quitely effective on the losing belly fat.
  • Give massage by fibre on the part applicated by taking shower.
  • When rosemary oil is applicated on the part-cellulited to lose weight, you will see that cellulites disappear in a given time.
  • If you want to open or drink rosemary oil you can drip two-three drops into a glass of hot water.  Or you can consume rosemary oil by dripping two-three drops on a cube sugar.  Do not do it more than three times a day. This cure is highly effective against losing weight.  You can purchase rosemary and rosemary oil on habitalists with reasonable price.


How is Rosemary oil used at home? (Homemade – Handmade – How to Make)


If you wish, you can also prepare rosemary oil yourself at home. With this depiction prepared for readers of “ The What Does Woman Say?”, you can prepare hand-made rosemary oil which is ready to use. Firstly pluck leaves of rosemary providing taht they are thin.  Then fill leaves plucked in glass bottle.  Add olive oil double as much as the amount of leaf you add, too. For example, if you add 50 grams of rosemary,  add 100 grams of olive oil.  You can also add sunflower oil,  but olive oil is better.  More later close tip of the bottle properly and put it on the best place which sees the sun. Shake it each day during twenty days. Inhale its smell by opening lid at the and of twenty -twenty five days and filter it’s oil by a cheesecloth. Rosemary oil is ready to become thin. You can use rosemary oil,  keeping it in cool place or in refrigerator  for about a year.


WARNING!  Pregnant women and those who are with blood pressure disorder should not use rosemary oil or they should use it under doctor’s check.

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