Broad bean grows in the farms and gardens of Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara
regions. It fruits in May and June. It seems like green bean and there are seeds inside of it.
Its length is approximately 30-50 cm. Broad bean that is well known in Mediterranean cuisine
can be eaten as mashed broad beans with dill apart from meal. It is rich in terms of both
protein and vitamin. Since it is wealth in terms of protein, the people who are not offered to
eat meat can consume broad bean so they can meet their protein needs. The people
suffering from diabetes should consume with doctor check. Specialists often say that
vegetables reduce the risk of cancer. Broad bean is also beneficial to struggle the cancer
risk. It prohibits cancer cells to come into existence and strengthens immune system. Beside
broad bean is wealth in the way of mineral and its components, it is rich in point of the
vitamin of A, B, C, B2.


Broad bean provides kidney and urinary tract to work more efficient. It is good for metritis,
rheumatism and tumor. It is also helpful to treat eye-cold and reduce bodymarks. However, it
is taken into consideration that broad bean leads to favism disease. When broad bean is
consumed, as red blood cells are destroyed, anemia can be seen. This disease can cause
even death and the indications of it are to have dark urine and hepatitis in the white side of
the eyes. When these symptoms are seen, people should go to the health organization
immediately. It is noticed that broad bean should be consumed consciously. It should be
eaten up as far as possible when the same day that is cooked. By the time it is consumed
the day after, livers can be get tired. Moreover, since children who are 1-7 years old should
not eat broad bean too much, specialists offers that the meal of broad bean sould not be
given place into the menu frequently.


The Benefits of Broad Bean to Kidneys:

Broad bean regulates the functions of kidneys
and helps to work it efficiently. It enables to throw kidney gravel. It influences urinary tract
infections. Furthermore, it helps to clean urinary tract. It is also useful to remove constipation
and in the phase of hemorrhoid treatment.

The Benefits of Broad Bean to the Immune System:

The diseases like cold and flu arise
due to the weakness of the immune system. At this stage, the best solution is to use up the
foods which strengthen the immune system like broad bean. Broad bean takes an important
place. With vitamins and minerals, not only it boosts the immune system but also it reduces
to possibility to get sick. Furthermore, it protects from upper respiratory tract. It has also
significant characteristics to treatment of cough and guaiacol.


The Benefits of Broad Bean to Heart Health:

Vitamin A and C that are affluent in broad
bean are friend of heart and have significance to protect heart health. Broad bean has
influence to preserve heart and heart veins and inhibit embolism. This vegetable that stops
blood coagulation disorders should not be consumed too much. It drops low density
lipoprotein and rises high density lipoprotein. Therefore, it helps to maintain heart health.


The Benefits of Broad Bean to Parkinson’s Disease:

Parkinson’s disease is common today and has been increasing in prevalence day by day. This disease may appear from genetic reasons but its reasons are still unknown. The researches are shown that Parkinson’s disease can be avertible and its effects can be reducible. Since broad bean includes iron, phosphor and magnesium, it prevents to increase the genes which leads to Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, it prohibits to become Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, it strengthens the nervous system and helps the people who suffer from parkinson’s disease so it helps to reduce the effects of the illness


The Benefits of Broad Bean to Dermatologic Disease:

Broad bean can be used as not
only meal but also mash and it can be used for the treatment of dermatologic disease. After it
is boiled, mash is obtained and then implemented the skin's surface. It accelerates the
treatment of dermatologic disease.


The Benefits of Broad Bean to Dermatologic Disease: Broad bean can be used as not only meal but also mash and it can be used for the treatment of dermatologic disease. After it is boiled, mash is obtained and then implemented the skin’s surface. It accelerates the treatment of dermatologic disease.


Broad Bean Protects Eye Health: Some eye diseases become appear with aging. When human frame gets weak, eye diseases becomes to impend people who are especially in old age because of the deficit of mineral and food. Broad bean which includes so much lutein protects people from possible eye diseases.


Broad Bean Regulates Blood Glucose: Another important characteristic of broad bean is to regulate blood sugar at the preferred level. Moreover, as it balances low density lipoprotein, it enhances the benefits to heart and heart veins. This feature reduces the risk of being stroke and palsy.


Broad Bean Makes Intestines Worked: Broad bean has fibers that are benignant for immune system. In addition, these fibers increase the movements of intestines so it protects from the diseases that menace intestine and digestive system especially colon cancer. It may solve the problem of constipation.


It is Good for Anemia: Broad bean consists of plenty of iron and calcium. Since iron deficieny is the most important factor that causes anemia, regular consumption of broad bean reduces the risk of anemia. Broad bean that contains lots of calcium helps to protect bone health.


Other Benefits of Broad Bean: Some health professionals indicate that broad bean is effective in terms of diuretic. Thanks to this characteristic, it may remove urinary tract infections. Furthermore, it may prevent to come into existence kidney gravel. Broad bean is also crucial to protect skin health. As it is an influential antioxidant, it reduces the effects of free radical that damage the skin.

Generally, broad bean which is beneficial for kidney helps to decrease the pain in the kidney. Another important feature of it is that it is good for rheumatism and sciatic.


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