Skin Whitener Home Made Recipes



If you are interested in white and bright skin, this recipes will be so benefitful for you that can be prepared at home

If you want your skin looks whiter and brighter, you can provide it without taking risk with natural formulas that you will prepare.


In markets, lots of skin whitener and brightener cosmetic products exist but I think we have query them before using. You have to search in every nook and cranny to learn which chemical materials exist in that creams.

Of course you don’t want to be poisoned while you want to     sparkle with your beauty. Dear readers, be careful on fancy marketing sentences or so-called positive costumer satisfaction comments and don’t use cheap products.


It means that it is quite expensive than others

Or prepare an organic cure that you can prepare at home with natural materials and apply it

Of course homemade skin care formulas will take your time and it will cause a lot of work but at the end you will get riskless and organic product and be sure that that recipes will be beneficial at least that expensive creams.


If you ask like “Do we have to buy such expensive organic creams when natural formulas exist?”, let me answer instantly;  You do not only buy brightening your face by buying quality creams but also makin your skin scare and by some products saving it from the harmful solar rays. You can unite all these functions in one cream.

Skin whitener home made recipes

Its being ease for use is very pratic but all home made organic recipes were formulated as focusing on unique aim. You can’t get benefits in other sides and you need to buy some other products but its advantage will cost lower for you.

Lemon juice, tomato paste, cucumber juice and apple vinegar are known as traditional natural skin whitener.

After bronzing, if you want to whiten your skin or your preference is having whiter face, you can get successful results by using these recipes.


Whitener body scrub with lemon and brown sugar


In this recipes, we unite lemon’s whitener feature and brown sugar’s cleansing peeling feature.

Homemade skin whitener recipes

Recipe for this home made skin whitener scrub mask

Things youneed:

-2 table spoon fresh lemon juice

-1 glassof water brown sugar

-1/4 water glass olive oil

Put all materials into a plate and mix them well. Apply it to your all body as massaging 3 times in a week. Keep it in refrigerator when you don’t use.


All you need to prepare this mask:

-1/2 glass of water oat

-1/2 glass of water tomato paste

-1 table spoon yogurt

-2 teaspoon honey

-2 tea spoon fresh green lemon juice

  1. Put all materials except of yogurt and honey. Then mix them well
  2. After all materials become homogeneous, add yogurt and honey, then mix well again
  3. Apply it to your face slowly,wait for 10 minutes and then wipe it up with wet and soft fabric. After all, wash your face with warm water.


Skin whitener Scrub mask with orange coat and yogurt

  1. To prepare this recipe, you need orange coat
  2. Bray dried orange coat till it becomes powder
  3. Take 1 tea spoon this powder and mix with 1 table spoon yogurt
  4. Keep this mask in your face for 20 minutes then wash with cold water

Lemon, cucumber and chickpea powder

This formula is famous in countries where dark-skinned women live like India. You can use thisstong whitener formula on all your body.

  1. Wring 1 lemon
  2. Put half of cucumber into the blender and make it puree
  3. Take lemon juice and cucumber puree
  4. 4 Apply this paste to your face and wait for 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water.


Herbal wax that hair reducer

There are some different methods to get ridof unwanted hairs. One the esaist and certain solution to get rid of this issue is herbal wax. Laser epilation may save you from unwanted hait but it may cost so much. If you make wax at home, it hurts and it can be troublesome. You can perform this formula even in your face. This formula is for women who want to get rid of unwanted hairs.


Necessary materials:

  1. 5 table spoon lemon juice
  2. 2 dessert spoon salt

Preparation and Application:

Firstly take your hairs from their roots by epilation, tweezers or wax. After that mix lemon juice and salt in a plate and apply it to your skin where you have taken your hair out as massaging. Continue it absorbs all. By this way your hairs will be thinner and raise later than usual.


5 unknown benefits of Vaseline!

To make softer sclerosed points

If you apply it to dried and chapped lips, elbow, foot and heel, you can get softer skin.

It cleans make-up

You can clean your mascara and eye pencil easily as putting a little bit of vaselin to cotton and then applying it.


To give a shape to brows

Apply Vaseline to messy brows, comb it with brow pencil and prevent brows become messy.




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