Skin Whitener Face Masks

Skin Whitener Face Masks

Irregular and unbalanced nutrition

Unsufficent physical activity

Stress, cigarette and alcohol

Extremely narrow pants

Usually sitting cross-legged effects blood flow negatively and causes to cellulitesin skin.

Today,we presented you some clues about eye-openerskin cure face masks for whitening the skin

1.Milk powder and lemon juice for whitening the skin

Milk powder is so effective for whitening the skin and it should be used as mixing the lemon juice and the honey. It can be prepared easily and should be applied to facefor 10 mins. In regularly usage it makes the face brighter and eliminates pigmentacion

2- Rolled oats and Curd cheese mask for whitening the skin

Wet the rollad oats the night before. The dayafter, mix it with curd chees and pulp it. Apply it to your skin as a thin coat. It will help to make your skin whiter.

Thiscure makes miracles in skin whitining. In regularly usage youcanget the best results.

3- Potate facemaskfor whitening the skin

Likelemonjuice, also potato has decolorount effect in skin. You canapply potate water to your skin or you can grate the potato and apply it to your skin to make your skin whiter. I also make your skin brighter.

4.Curcuma and tomato face mask

Curcuma, tomato and lemon juice mix is an excellent way for whitining the skin as wished. 1 tea spoon curcuma, some drops fresh lemon juice, ¼ tomato are the bill of the mask. Apply it to your facefor 5 minutes and startpending.You can get the desired results if you perform this home made  skin whitining face mask.

5- Sweet almond oil mask

Particularly, it is an excellent way to wet dry skins and fasten the blood flow.

It increases blood flow rate and it makes the skin younger

Youcan maket he same with 4-5 drops of sweet almond oil

Mix it with butter and milk and apply tothe skin for 10-15 minutes. The maket he skin softer and cleaning the dead cells,it is the essential way. In regularly usage, it helps to you for whitining the skin.

Also you can try it’s different version, with honey and yogurd.

7- Mint Leaves Face mask

Mint leaves has refreshing feature. These leaves has firming and cleansing effects on skin.Freshmint leaves mask isperformed to face for 10-15 minutes. It makes skin stomas firmed and regular usage will reduce sunburnts and suntanning. It makes you feeling like excellent relaxing spa.

8- Banana face mask

Banana proved it’s whitining feauter in skin. Ripe banana, honey and one tea spoon curd chees is the bill.It is an awesome way to brighten your bronzed skin.

9- Sandalwood powder face mask

Mix chandan orsandalwood powder and pulp it. Particularly, for oily skins, it is an wonderful way to get back your skin’s natural White colour. It also makes brighter sallow skins.

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