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In today’s economic conditions, despite the complacency, pockets and wallets are unfortunately not allowed for skin care …
Here’s the cheapest skin moisturizer you can prepare at home!
First wash your face cleanly and take a piece of petroleum jelly before you dry your skin and rub with your hand thoroughly. Repeat this process for a few weeks and discuss the change at your skin together here. And a little secret, the main ingredient of many expensive beauty products is petroleum jelly.
What can you do to make your skin not dry and not crack?
Fill a deep bowl with warm water, sprinkle with little apple vinegar and wash your face with plenty of this water, let it dry itself. If you do this every day, the pH balance of your skin will be balanced. I can say that it is especially effective for puffy skin. (The skin should be cleaned before operation!)
Mineral water for skin and make-up refreshment
After you wash your face thoroughly, spray mineral water on your face. (you will see the natural tonic effect regularly). After you have done your makeup, spray mineral water to your face. Or lightly buffed with a paper towel soaked in mineral water to keep your makeup fresh for a longer time without deterioration.
Skin care recommendations for acne
The solution is actually simple for the nightmares of women of all ages. Apply lemon juice several times a day to the spotty zone! You will see the difference.
Cleaning the pores in the skin
In a small saucepan boiled water, add half a lemon peel or water, a handful of nymphs, parsley and sage. Gather your hair, close your eyes and keep your face in the vapor of this mixture. Then wash your face with plenty of water to close the pores. Note (!): Do not apply this method more than once a week, the natural oil balance of your skin will deteriorate and your skin will dry out.
Face mask
Mix the oatmeal with water and bring it to the paste consistency. Rub it to your face and wait for dry-out. When your face is dry, remove it from your face with back and forward movements, with this application you will be free from dead skin and black spots.
Sugar tasting care for skin problems
Clean the greasy spots on the skin with a solution of tea spoon powder sugar and soap mousse, then you will be surprised.
You can prepare a ready-to-use lotion by dissolving a tea-spoon sugar or gelatin in warm water. Or rub stale beer while covering your hair.

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