Sixteen Herbs that will help you lose weight quickly


Tere: It has an excellent metabolism fastening feature. It would be healthier to consume it as chewing due to it’s multivitamin structure. It provides burning the fats as fastening the metabolism, also it provides to run tiroids who lives tiroid problems.


Ginger: Beside being good for digestive, ginger is also a good diuretic. It helps to get rid of swelling and boost the immune system. While controlling and boosting metabolism, It will expedite the attenuation process. If it is consumed while in diet, it will boost the body’s resistence power.


Garcinia Cambogia:  Thanks to Dr. Mehmet Oz for bringing this herb to our life, this tropical fruit has great effects on weight loss. Among the best of herbs in the list, this herb’s most beneficial side is the increase of satiation signals that travels from stomach to brain. If you are the eats when angry or eats when stressful type of person, this herb suits you best. While decresing cholesterol level and increase of burning fat, Garcinia will also reduce hunger and appetite. Pregnants, nursing women and diabetic persons should not consume or use this herb !


Green Tea: The herb we often hear and among the best herbs in this list, is green tea. In the weight loss herbs category, it has major effect on burning fats and also is a great antioxidant. While boosting metabolism, our herb will help to increase bacteria which is useful for our digestive system and to decrease harmful ones.


Thyme: In the weight loss herbs, it has a lot of effects like increase of fat-burn. It’s effect on fats will increase more by consuming its juice.Cholesterol controller and metabolism booster thyme has also vein opener feature.


Rosemary: Herb that commoly used in meat recipes has great effects on fats. While helping digestive system and improving blood circulation, it also tighten the skin.


Turmeric: It has enormous effects on detox by supporting Liver and bile functions. Fat-burner and metabolism booster turmeric is also an antioxidant.


Heather Leaf: To burn the fats in body and to lose weight, you can drink funda tea. Boil one tea spoon heather leaf in water and drink it like a tea.


Wasabi: Wasabi is one of a traditional hot of Japan’s that helps to lose weight. Wasabi fastens metabolism and makes you more energic.


Pointed pepper: Pointed pepper comes after Japan’s hot Wasabi as a vegetable that helps to give weight. It helps to digest meals and makes metabolism faster.


Marjoram: If you live any problem in digestive system, marjoram is exactly for you


Red hot pepper: Red hot pepper makes metabolism %25 faster and by this way helps to give weight. Nevertheless, it should be consumed carefully because it has appetizing aroma


Hardal seed: Hardal seed has big effects to losing weight and it fastens burning the fats.


Blackpepper:  However we consume in Daily meals, blackpepper has an unheard effect for body.  If the blackpepper is consumed in sufficient quantity, it makes a losing weight effect which is equal to calory losing after 20 minutes walking. It helps to expedite burning fats.


Mint:  If you are looking for something which can be counted as appetite suppressant, mint is for you.  It warns the satiation signals in the body and makes feel  of satiety.


Parsley:  We can advise to consume frequently Parsley if you want to lose weight. It is a good diuretic and cleans lung and kidney. To ensure expedite of weight losing, it will help you.


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