Secrets to Lose Weight


The foods that help you to give weight as burning the fat of your body

Red pepper

The red pepper warm your body up and triggers calorie burning by capsaicin that it contains. White fat cells of our body store energy and brown fat cells have thermogenic effect. That produced temperature helps to burn the fat.

Whole grains and vegetables

Fiber which exists in carbonhydrates such as brown rice, oat and quinoa, can be burned by stomach as digesting.The body needs to extra energy to spend more effort and uses it’s energy stock to digest them.

Because of this, if you want to give weight, it is recommended that toeat plent of vegetables. Especially green-leafy vegetables  such as greespinach, garden rocket, pepperweed, cabbage.


Blackpepper helps to burn the fats by the effects of piperine that it contains. Because of this, consuming blackpepper not only adds zest to your meals but also provides giving weight.


Capsaicin that gives tang to ginger also helps to making metabolism faster by increasing body temperature. According to studies consuming ginger also reduce feeling of hunger and supports giving weight.

Put the ginger into the water as cutting in circles. After it brews10 minutes, drink it.


Garlic increase body temperature such as ginger. If you want to give weight, you have to consume plenty of garlic.


Another spice that contains capsaicin is mustard. It not only gives characteristic taste to mustard but also helps to increase body temperature. You can add 1 tea spoon mustard to your salad sauces.

Green Tea

Cafein and catechin that exists in green tea triggers metabolism and helps to burn the fats


When the fats and carbonhydrats are compared, termic effect of the diet which is rich for protein is bigger. In protein digestion, body needs more energy. For example, in eating 300 gr chicken breast,%30 of it’s calories are burned in digestion process.

Studies shows that you take less weight as consuming protein. Beside that protein keeps full and reduce munchies.

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