Pomegranate Coat’s Benefits


Pomegranate Coat’s Benefits

According to research that performed in China, it’s potential revealed. For example, it has more antioxidant in it’s coat than other fruits. We gathered together all it’s benefits for you.

Pomegranate Coat includes Vitamin C in High Quantity

As you know, vitamin C is highly important for our health. Lots of people tries to supply with vitamin capsules because it’s lackness may give big harms.Also, to make this way, instead of spending lots of money, you can use pomegranate’s coat. It is rich in vitamin C and prevents potential problem to live it’s lackness. Vitamin C is genial, makes threatmen process shorter, repair bones and teeths, makes them healthier and stronger.

Helps to Treatment of  Sore throat and Cough

Using pomegranade coat helps you to become well against sore throat and cough. Since ancient times, it was used as traditional medicine. The only thing to do is to dry pomegranade’s coats and make them powder, then mixing with water and making gargling at regular intervals.

Fight against to Heart Problems

Pomegranade coat includes highly antioxidant and it keeps LDL cholesterol. Antioxidants, prevents oxidation in your heart and keeps away from lots of diseases. Because LDL cholesterol

Good for your teeths

Pomegranade coat is one of the most important material of tooth pastes. Because pomegranade coat keeps your mouth and teeths hygenic and clean. You can maket he pomegranade coat powder, mix it

it with water and get rid of bad smellings of your mouth. This mix also helps your teeth and teeth mines  to keep healthy and clean.

Supports your body to be purified

There can be lots of toxic in your body. To fight with that toxics, you need antioxidant support. Because these antioxidants helps to be prufied of your body from toxics. Pomegranade coats are rich in antioxidants and with this feature, supports your body to clean all toxics.

Fights against Cancer

Some researches of “American Association for Cancer Research” shows that pomegranade coats can fight against the cancer. They found a material in pomegranade essence and it can prevents the cancer.

Blocks the sun

Pomegranade coats helps to block sun and save you from UVA and UVB lights. In thıs way, rays can’t givi big damage to you

Good For Your Hair

For your hair, we can say pomegranade fastens hair growing. Also helps to prevent hair shedding.

  • Do you know them?
  • Pomegranade coat exists in medicine chests in India and it is a precious medicine
  • Pomegranade coat has calming effect
  • Pomegranade coat’s powder is used as cloth and cosmetic products natural dyestuff
  • In some countries, pomegranade powder is used in foods
  • Dried pomegranade coat can be used in tea
  • It can be applied to wounds after braying. It fastens recovery process and kills microbes
  • 1 palm pomegranade coat helps to remove taenias as drinking with empty stomach  as boiling it in half liter water and filtering it
  • Try to get organic products when you buy something
  • However pomegranade coat is very useful, you should avoid to use it overconsumption. Also you should pay attention to do not use it if you use any medicine or you have any health problems. We kindly recommend you do consult your doctor before using if you have one of these issues.

How to dry pomegranade coat?

First take the seeds of the pomegranade, then slice it to small pieces. Dry them under the sun nd after it gets cold, take them to a impervious vessel.

How to consume it?

Pomegranade coat can be cosumed as tea. To 2 oz dried pomegranade coat add 100 oz water and boil for 10 minutes. If you don’t want to make tea, you can gargle as mixing water and pomegranade coat’s powder  or you can add this powder to salad or cheese.

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