Pine Turpentine

Pine Turpentine

Pine turpentine: Pineturpentine is a slim,colourless and fragranet resin. It naturally leaks from pine cone or leaks from the scratch on the tree. It is used in oil varnish, oil color or making it reduced.

Pine Oil:  It isa type of volatile oil that can be generated by distilling the vapour. It is one of “Pinus sylvestris” type needle leaved. Pine oil is definably with distilling turpentine and pine needles and its low boiling point fraction. After that, remain tar is distilled.

It is used in aroma therapy,cosmetics. It can be used as massage oil. It is preferred as hair care oil with it’s antibacterial and antiseptic feature, beside it is used for hair shedding.Pine oil is good for myalgia, rheumatism, repelling insects, flu, cold,bronchitis and asthma. Also it is used for opening sinuses.


Benefits of Pine oil: It is a so valuable oil. According to our search, there isn’t any original pine oil in Turkey. The products that we buy from internet as pine oil are only vegetable oil.Already it is impossible to buy original pine oile with 15 TL.

After giving that important detail, w emay come to it’s benefits: it is goodfor hair shedding, even it stops. It is good for   seborrheic dermatitiswith it’s antibacterial and atiseptic feature.  It comes first in benefical oils that should be used for myalgia and rheumatism.


Pine turpentine’s Benefits: Oil turpentin is only used in generating oil varnish. It does’nt have any benefits for health. Any of it’s benefits couldn’t be proved. It isn’t goodfor hair shedding, it doesn’t mae the hair longer, it isclear… The man who talks opposite of this, ,is only the person whois trying to sell hisproducts. Please look,Iamrepeating. Pine turpentine doesn’t have any benefit. Itisn’t benefical to hair shedding or hair problems. Now, someone might say, I usedandmy hair became brighter. It can be of course, it has thinner material and it makes your hair instant brighter. But this thinner material will give big damage to your hair roots it will destroy Phvalue of the hair.

If Ineed to sum up, unfortunately oil turpentine is useless thing for hair health and body health.

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