Most Beneficial 15 Herbs


In this essay, we will talk about most beneficial 15 herbs that their benefits were proved in some treatments by the time. We will explain how you can use them for your health with natural methods.

Before consuming them, we advise you to consult to your doctor and follow it’s recommends carefully.

1- Black Snakeroot

There are some studies over menopause with black snakeroot. Also, it decreases menstrual pain. It can be used as altertavi to hormone medicines for  fever, night sweat, mood changes, dvaginal dryness and heart throb in menopause period.

Also it can be used against migren and sleeping disorders especially if that problem comes from menopause period. Black snakeroot, it can be used for artrit symptoms treatment with it’s anti-inflammatory feature. We kindly advise you to consult to your doctor.


2- Yam

A classical liver refreshing yam, balances hormons and reduces morning sickness. Due to being extincted in environment, you can find specially raised yam. Some people believe that it increases fertility but according to American Cancer Association it doesn’t have any effect on fertility and it doesn’t produce progestin by itself.


3- lion’s tail

Due to   tranquillizer feature of lion’s tail, it is associated to anxiety disorder and insomnia. Beside tranquillizer feature, it is a good anti-aritmic agent and reduces                   tachycardia and heart-throb. Additively, it is used for heart rhythm changes and helps to hypertiroidism.


4.Sage Tea

It is good for digestion, astyma, bacterial and           fungal infections, gall, bites, cold and cough. It trigges nervous system. The oil derived from sage increases concentration and can be used for treatment of loss of memory in Alzheimer.


5- Blue vervain

However vervain is used by the people who interest in benefits of herbs, there isn’t any study about vervain to prove it’s effects on people. It is believed that its beneficial effect comes from triggering feature on liver and other organs and relaxing effect on neurological system.

It is a natural pain killer and relaxer and it can be used as guaiacol for chronic bronchitis and antirheumatismal effect. Herbalists advises vervain especially for chronic diseases due to depression. It is also good for pain and problems in liver.



Ginseng is a type of herb which is used by both modern herbalists and traditional Chinese herbalist. In exhaustion, psychical tiredness and weakness problems, it triggers neurological system and makes it stronger. Ginsengin merkezi sinir sistemi ile olan ilişkisi ve onun dinlenme kapasitesini arttırabilme özelliği sayesinde, stres ile alakalı uykusuzluk veya endişe/ anksiyete gibi durumlarda çok işe yarar.

By the feature of the ginseng’s relation with centrol neurological system and increasing it’s relaxaxtion capacity, it has benefits in some situations such as  sleeping disorder or nervousness because of the stress.

Athletes use ginseng for stronger resistance. Also, it can prevent and eliminate prostate and stress based erection disorders, can show aphrodisiac effect to   reproductive organ at later ages. Likewise, according to some studies which were performed on humans and animals, ginseng reduces cancer risk.


7- Chinese Magnolia Asus

MA is used for diseases and increase resistance against to stress, energy levels, physical performance. To prevent early aging, increasing productiveness, blood sugar and making tension normal, triggering immunity system and recovery after surgical treatment.

Also it can be used for liver diseases(hepatitis) and save this organ. Also Ma can be used for high cholesterol, cough, astyma, insomnia, menstrual pain, chronic diarrhea, night sweating, suddenly sweating, erection disorder, psychical disorder, depression, irritability and loss of memory.

Some people use MA to develop their view, saving themselves from radition, preventing infection, increasing cell energy level, fighting with sugar effects and making adrenal gland healthier.


8- thorn apple

thorn apple is used for     congestive heart failure, chest pain, irregular heartbeat       and tension problems. Also, it is used in high and low tension, vein calcinosis and high cholesterol treatments. According to studies which were performed till today, thorn apple is so effective in congestive heart failure but there isn’t any study it is effective or not in heart or other organs.

Some people use thorn apple for digestive system problems such as               indigestion,

diarrhea and stomache.It helps to makes you relaxer, reduces anxiety and nervous, increases urine production, eliminates menstrual problems and good in tenia or other bowel problems.


9- dandelion

Dandelion is used for lots of thing but there isn’t any scientific data to say it is effective or beneficial for something or not.

Dandelion is used for inappetence, stomache, bowel gas, gallstone, arthralgia, muscle pain, eczema and empurpling. Also it is used for increasing urine production and lacsative for bowel action.  It is also used as skin toner, blood tonic and digestive tonic.

Some people use dandelion for infection treatment, especially viral and cancerous infections. Dandelion can be added to salads, soaps, vines and teas.You can also use it’s root as coffee after blighting it.


10 vitex

Vitex tree or brush, also known as Vitex agnus-kaktus, is used for irregular menstrual period, pms and more critical pms situations as premenstrual dysphoric disorder and saves women who miscarried her baby due to level low progesterone level, increases milk.

Some men use vitex to increase urine flow and reducing willingness in benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment. Historians say that old monks used to eat some parts from tree to provide staying virgin. Also vitex is used acne, tension, dementia, joint problems, cold, stomachache, irregular sleep, headache, megrim, burnin on eyes, enflamation and body engorgement treatmens. Some people apply it to their skins after parasite or insect bites or sticking.



11- licorice root

Licorice root is used for digestive system problems such as stomach ulcer, stomachache, colic and cronical gastritis. Some people also use licorice root for throatache, bronchitis, cough, bacterial or viral infections. Licorice root also can be used for osteoartritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, liver disorders, malaria, tuberculosis and cronichal tiredness.


12  Ginger

Ginger is used more oftenly for dizziness, nauseation, colic, stomach problems, gas, diarrhea, cancer treatment based nausea, post-surgical nausea, vomiting and inappetency treatments.

Arthritis pain or muscle pains, menstrual pain, upper respiratory tract infection, cough and bronchitis are some kind of situations where ginger is used. Also it is used for chest pain, back pain and stomachache oftenly.

Some people may apply fresh ginger juice(essence) to the skin directly for some cases such as burnt in skin and they may use ginger oil to reduce the pain. It gives good taste to food and drinks so it is used as aroma. Beside that feauters, one material that ginger includes is used in laxative medicines, antigas and atiacid medicines.


13- stinging nettle

stinging nettle is used for lots of diseases but there isn’t enough scientific evidence to prove it is good for that diseases or not.

It’s roots are used for enlarged prostat based nocturia,       thamuria, pain in urination, being unable to void and sensitive          bladder syndrome.

Scape of stinging nettle can be used as diuretic or astringent and for some people who has in joint disorders problems. Upper side of stinging nettle can be used with plenty of water as lavage for urinary system infection, urinary system infection and gallstone diseases. Uppermost side of it is good for allergy,                   hay fever and osteoarthritis.

Some people uses upper side of stinging nettle for internal bleedings such as uterine bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, or nose bleeding. Also, it can be used for bleedings,               circulatory disorder, hypersplenism, diabet or other endocrine disorder, stomach acid, diarrhea or dysentery, astyma, pulmonary edema, rash, cancer treatments, blood decontamination,            wound healing and preventing aging symptoms.


14 – foal-foot

Foal-foot and other herbs from genus poterium that used in Europe commonly are beneficial herbs. Foal foot is extremely good for menstrual pains intensive bleedings. Also it helps to reducing menopause symptoms. One type of accelerator foalfoot is used in both menorrhagia and metrorrhagia. It can be used for diarrhea treatmen as              astringent. Also it can be used for                  canker and ulcer. Another using way of foal-foot is using like gargara for         laryngitis


15- raspberry leave

Red raspberry leaves is good for digestive system problems such as diarrhea, respiratory problems such as flu and           swine influenza,  heart problems, fever, diabet and    vitamin deficiency. Also it can be used for increasing for sweating, urine and gall liquid. Some people may prefer it for decontamination of skin and blood.

Some women use raspberry leaves can be used for both preventing miscarriage and against nausea in painful menstrual period, heavy vaginal bleeding and pregnancy period.                   In sore throat, red raspberry leaves are applied to sore directly.

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