Medicinal Herbs Part -1


Bitter apple cider:
Salvia Triloba Gas extractor,   sweat cutter, urine enhancer. The wound is used excellently and as an antiseptic.

Bitter chip:
Lignum Quassiae Appetizing, empowering, wolf and fever reducer

It opens appetite, facilitates digestion. It reduces the fever. Increases salivation of saliva. It regulates the functioning of the stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys. Kidney pains, helps lower the stone. Bull your bowel worms. Stop the bleeds. It is also used as an insect pest. If it is used too much; Dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

It clears stomach and bowel gases. It cuts the nausea. It ensures that the digestive system works regularly. It’s effective on throat, tonsil and gingival inflammations. It softens the chest. The asthma will be distressed. Remove urine and perspiration. If you join in bath water and wash; It gives you fitness. More than 3 cups of coffee a day should be drunk.

It’s a poisonous plant. There are painkillers, soothing, sexual strength enhancing effects. Rast is harmful when used in the future.

Ahlat (Yabanarmudu):
The fruit cuts diarrhea. When a poisinous animal bites someone, you should mash the flower seeds and apply it.

It cleanses blood, allowing toxic substances to accumulate in the body. Sweat and urinate. It removes constipation. It gives strength to the body.

It fixes the nervous bumps. Spread the nerve disorder. It lowers high blood pressure. Arrhythmia is used. It resolves insomnia. It strengthens the heart. It is useful in artery stiffness and chest tightness.

Herba Ceterachi has diuretic and constipation effects. It is used externally, against the baseline.

Ambra Grisea is obtained from the kashalot fish. Strengthens the heart, increases appetite and increases sexual desire.

It facilitates digestion. Loss of appetite and revulsion against food expenses. Stomach and intestinal gases are removed. Increase the urge. On the other hand prevent vomit and diarrhea.

The parts used are the leaves and the leaves. Fruits are collected after full ripening and dried in the shade. Preparedness is easy. It resolves the misbehavior. Stomach and intestinal gases are removed. Increase urine. Migraines cut off their pain. Asthma relieves breathing difficulties and complaints seen in the BronsTea.

Anise oil:
The Oleum anemia is the Nervous system stimulant.

Andız root:
Radix Helenii is a cough cutter, chest emollient, emitter and wolf reducer.

is eaten and diuretic.

Juniper seeds:
Fructus Juniperi Urine enhancer, sweating,  antiseptic properties are available.

Remove sputum. Bronchitise gives comfort

Medicines made with leaves stop the bleeding. It gives strength to the body. It cuts the shed. Stop the diarrhea.

Flos Carthami is effective against rheumatism pain. Including sweating, wolf-reducing and menstruation.

Bear grape:
Give strength. She cuts the diarrhea. Cleans the urinary tract. Discharge urine. It reduces the fever. It helps the stones in the urinary tract to fall. Eliminates complaints from prostate enlargement.

The fleshy roots of the plant are an important folk medicine used in urinary diseases since ancient times. Roots are a good diuretic, including bladder and kidney inflammation, used to lower the stone and sand in the muzzle.

Quince :
Diarrhea and dysenteria cuts. It strengthens the stomach and intestines. The small intestine removes inflammation. It cleans the blood. Collapsing.

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