Medicinal Herbs Part – 5


It softens the chest. Cough cuts. Prevents nausea and vomiting. It reduces the fever and comforts the body. It relieves throat and tonsillitis. It treats gum disease.

Egg root:
Rhizoma Calami is an aromatic gas scavenger, perspirant and antispasmodic. The implanted prostate is used externally for rheumatism.

Fern :
It has been used against very intestinal parasites since ancient times. It is taken in the form of powder or extract. It should not be taken more than the recommended amount.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away from home. Two apples are protected against heart and circulatory problems. It destroys cholesterol and prevents constipation. It facilitates digestion. It relaxes the smell and lowers the blood pressure. It is also useful against arthritis, rheumatism and gout diseases.

Reduces nearby urea and cholesterol. Discharge urine. Adjusts the amount of sugar on the side. It prevents arteriosclerosis and heart diseases. It helps to shed the sand in the kidney. Prostate is good against breast and cervical cancer. Researchers point out that Silymarin contained in the artichoke prevents cells from being damaged, and also stated that the material of Silymarin is also effective in preventing prostate, breast and cervical cancer. In the artichokes, fiber, magnesium, folate and vitamin C are present, and those who consume this vegetable in abundance are showing lower than their age.

It cuts off the cough. Stop your dizziness. Useful for bee stings. It treats mouth wounds. It smells like basil, mosquitoes and bedbugs.

Eliminates physical and mental exhaustion. It gives strength to the body. Recovery circuit enables you to move quickly.

Funda (Broom):
The branches of some species are used as hangers in silk pest control. The branches used to make broom, and it is also used to firing. It is generally used as a diuretic against urinary tract stones. Funda is also used in the treatment of diarrhea and kidney stones. Ointment prepared with olive oil is useful in boils and eczema. It is also known to be used to weaken.

Breathlessness, asthma and bronchititis give comfort. Prevents coughing and vomiting blood. Heal the burns.

Ginseng The heart is strengthening and fatigue. Sexual power-enhancing effects.

C is very rich in vitamins. Half grapefruit provides sixty percent of daily Vitamin C needs. There is a pectin ingredient that reduces the cholesterol ratio. Protects against cancer. It opens an appetite.

Rose :
Gentle rose and rose water are obtained. Gülyağı is used in cosmetics and perfumery. Gülyağının has antiseptic (germicidal) effect. It relieves throat and tonsillitis. It is effective in eye circulation and eye brow. Minor laxative is effective in genetics. Gülsuyu and rose jams are widely used among the population.

Remove sputum. It gives comfort to the body. Eliminates complaints from colds and coughs. It is used in throat, tonsil and gingivitis. It affects intestinal inflammation.

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