Medicinal Herbs Part – 4


Sideritis Stimulants, gas extractors, appetizers, and stomach pain killers.



Sweats, lowers fever. It gives comfort to the body. Remove urine and pieces. It opens an appetite. Neural pain relief

Laurel oil:
Lauri expressum Relieves rheumatic pain and kills body parasites. It also prevents hair loss.

Leave of Daphne :
Folium Lauri It has antiperspirant, antiseptic and midwife effects.

Pulpa Tamarindorum Laxative and fuller have an influence. There is no irritating effect.

Sea Crab:
Solve respiratory and digestive system troubles. Used as a feeder body.

Seaweed :
It speeds up the metabolism. Water algae, which contain substances that block imbalances in the thyroid hormone, speed up metabolism. In addition, algae containing vitamin B, calcium and zinc; Effective against the skin, nails and hair.

The part of the plant used is fruit. Fruits are collected at the end of September and dried in the shade. Fruits are saturated and volatile oil, pectin and nitrogen compounds. Fruits are used as sedatives, stomach and intestinal gases. Indigestion and dachiglass are good. Leaves are also used for cooking and salads.

Camel Crusher:
Fructus Tribuli Stone reducing agent, diuretic and force transmitter are used.
Thistle :


Tomato :
It is a vegetable that protects against cancer and slows aging mental and bodily. C and E vitamins. Tomato is a rich source of potassium and contains very little salt. It helps lower high blood pressure and prevents water from holding the body. Effective against heart diseases and prostate cancer. Beta contains lycopene, which is close to carotene. Lycopene is among the substances that protect the body against heart diseases. Research has shown that tomatoes reduce prostate cancer risk. Men who eat tomatoes at least twice a week are less likely to develop prostate cancer than others

White mulberry leaves urinate. Empty the water that accumulates in the body. The white mulberry eaten on an empty stomach will wipe out intestinal worms.

Mulberry fruit:
Fructus Mori nigri Prepared syrup is used against mouth and throat diseases (thrush) in mouthwashes.

Wedding Flower:
Along with poplar ointment, it is still against the bush.

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