Medicinal Herbs Part – 3


Walnuts: Medicines prepared with leaves and crusts cleanse the blood and relieve the cancer. Diarrhea and dysenteria cuts. It is both nutritious and therapeutic in tuberculosis and diabetes. Also used to dye hair and hands. According to plant scientists, plenty of B1, B2, C, E and K vitamins and active ingredient called Chinon Juglon, both inside and outside of the tree, as well as the leaves of the tree are good for many health problems. Every morning, some walnut-in-the-eve develops intelligence at breakfast, experts point out that green walnut fruity boils the shells and increases the sexual power in men when they are drunk. Some of the benefits of walnut that nourish and strengthen the body are listed as follows: • The walnut oil on the callus allows them to disappear over time. • It strengthens the liquid obtained by mixing with the shells of the fresh branches and the shells of the fruits and boiling them. • Walnut leaves made of tea leaves appetite, strengthens the midi, is good for throat diseases. • It is good for skin diseases if some walnut blend is mixed in bath water. • Walnut leaves are cooked and wrapped around boils to make them heal. • Spots on walnut oil face stains are removed and the stains disappear.

Walnut oil:
Juglandis regiae Used as laxative and bile enhancer.

Civan Perçemi (One-leaf leaf, Kandil Çiçeği):
The part of the plant used is the leafy and flowering branches. Branches and flowers are collected before they are completely opened and dried in the shade. These parts of the plant contain essential oils, fixed oils and bitter glycosides. Stimulant, stimulant, urine and gas expectorant. It is antiseptic, expectorant and midevent because of the sincolden inside. The wound has a good characteristic. Basurda juice extract is given as a suppository.
Mushroom root: Ferulae meifoliae Sexual power is acting as an enhancer.

Pine nuts :
Helps bronchitis, tuberculosis and lung diseases heal quickly. He removes his spiritual depression. It is also useful in heart diseases.

Terebenthina Communis An effective antiseptic for the respiratory and urinary tract diseases.

Laminate-Bentine oil:
Oleum is also known as Terebinthinae Neft oil. It is used as a remedy for rheumatic pain and as a nourishing hair
It cuts crumples, cuts migraines.


Grass :
Remove sputum. It gives comfort to the body.

Çiğdem (Mahmur Çiçeği):
The part of the plant used is seeds and lumps. Urinary excretion, Cleanse constipation. Certainly not more than recommended amount should be used. Preparations prepared from cigdem seed and egg have been used against drip disease for a long time. It is mostly used in agriculture.

Strawberry :
The juicy and juicy strawberries system is being cleaned. It is a good fruit for people who have skin condition too. It is also true for kidney, urinary tract and bowel problems. It also strengthens the gums, prevents tartness in the teeth, removes mouthfeel and sore throats. Strawberry contains high-vitamin C vitamins, as well as substances that reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. Strawberry C meets the need for vitamins. It also contains plenty of potassium and holds a significant place among the fibrous nutrients. Patients with diabetes can eat this fruit abundantly, with the intention of adding sugar to the calamus.

It opens an appetite. It gives strength and strength to the body. It facilitates digestion. Dispose of stomach and intestinal gases. Cuts headaches if you smelled.

Black cumin oil :
Nigellae sativae Used externally for hair loss and bruising.

Waste pipe:
Radix Saponariae albae Treatment is rarely used. Especially used in the construction of tahin helvası. Urine and expectorant

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