Medicinal Herbs Part – 2


Almond :
Acid gadin is a volatile oil, a good odor and taste remover (fish oil added) and a mild disinfectant. Almond seeds are used to prepare almond slurries. It’s a good barrier for children. He goes into the creams. Fruit is used against throat ache among the population.

Almond :
Eliminates physical and mental exhaustion. Kidney, bladder and genital inflammation in the way expenses. Headache relieves liver and kidney aches.

Almond oil :
Oleum Amygdalae Inner laxative, externally softener and wound are used as good.

Broad Bean:
Cleans the urinary tract. Kidney relieve pain. Removes kidney inflammation. Helps reduce kidney stones and sand.

It grows in damp places, it is a poisonous plant 1-2 meters long. It is not used in house medicine. It is used especially in the field of dentistry. It is used in the treatment of epilepsy diseases with pain cutter, spasm remover and sciatica, tetanus.

Fructus Cocculi-inducer Intrinsic wolf-lowering is used to reduce epileptic seizures. It’s a dangerous drag.

The fruit is a five-compartment vegetable with seeds round and greenish gray. It’s a useful vegetable. It is used as age or dry. Cans are also made.  .Unconscious treatment and is useful for regular operation of the intestines.

Okra flowers:
Flos Hibisci Inside the chest softener, in the case of porridge exacerbates boils. It is an effective and harmless drug against constipation.

It is a soft furry, grassy plant. Gavur is also known by the name of opium. Fruit is very seedy and is a capsule that opens with a lid and emits its seeds. There are six types. (Black Henbane) is used with the (Bananas) treatment. EgyptianHenbane is located around Malatya. It is especially important for the alkaloid industry. Black Henbane  is found in almost all of Anatolia and Thrace. The bougainvillea is a container with a lid that is wrapped by cup leaves. This capsule is gray in color, with lots of small pits on the seed. Leaves, roots and seeds. The leaves are collected and dried when the plant is flowering. After the seeds have fully matured they are removed, dried on the sun or in 40-50 degree ovens. It’s a strong drug and painkiller. It makes it easier for some lepers to act. When used without knowing,


Rhizoma Polypodii Laxative, bile and sputum have expectorant and anti-wrinkle effects.

Pea :
Fresh and frozen peas B1, contains vitamins C, protein, fiber and folic acid. It is recommended for those with nervous system problems.

Rosemary  :
1-2 m high, a plant that does not plow its leaves in the winter. Also known as bird seeds. Essential oils, tannins, bitter substances, organic acids and glycosides are obtained from leaves and flowers. Stomach and intestinal stimulant, diuretic and bile enhancer effect. Essential oil is used externally as a stimulant. It also removes indigestion.

Rosemary oil :
Oleum Rosmarini It is used externally to relieve rheumatic pain.
Pipe flower (bell flower):
It relieves disturbances caused by breathlessness, bronchitis and asthma.

Blackberry :
A plant with a thorny and bushy appearance. In places that are not planted, fences, roads and ditches are very common in the edges. Its parts are leaves and flower buds. The leaves are harvested before blossom, dried in the shade. The leaves contain tannins and organic acids. Along with being a slight constipating feature; Gums, tonsils and throat inflammation, diarrhea and hemorrhoids are used.

Broccoli :
A great vegetable that protects us against cancer and prolongs our life. Because it contains a lot of calcium, the bone is individual. Mineral and iron deficiency broccoli, vitamin deficiencies are. Broccoli passions rarely have bowel and lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases are rarely encountered. Women prevent breast cancer. Effective against breast cancer and spinabifida disease. Broccoli is abundant, it contains a substance called ‘indole’ which reduces the risk of breast cancer. Indole inhibits estrogen disorders that cause breast cancer. Another feature of broccoli is the prevention of spinabifida disease (the last vertebrae not closing in the congenital spine).

Wheat :
Fibrous foods are the basis of a healthy diet. The bran obtained from the outer shells of wheat is also consumed mostly with corn flakes. Cookies made of whole wheat flour, etc. Allows the intestines to work properly and prevents constipation. The essence of wheat is extraordinary. The assimilation of the body is stored here in calcium, iron and zinc. Nutritive value includes potentially preventive factors for wheat, intestine and rectal cancer, which are higher than oat and corn. But digestion is a bit more difficult than oatmeal and corn.

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