Medicinal Herbs and Benefits Part – 9


Semen Lini Laxative protects the digestive system from inflammation and irritation.

Linen oil
Oleum Lini is known as the quilt oil. It is used in wound and burn treatment.

Henna Tree:
It prevents foot sweating. It is used in the circulation. It is good for scabie and eczema. It can be useful if you are hooked on the goat. It treats mouth sores and skin cracks, nourishes and strengthens the hair.

It will fire. It treats irritation. Tifoda is useful. It shortens the recovery cycle of severe and microbial diseases. It is useful in skin pruritus. It opens an appetite. Give strength. It removes constipation.

Short mahmut:
Chamaedrys midwife, stimulant, is effective against diabetes.

Cranberries are made from crushed fruits, marmalade, fruit juice. It’s constipating. The shells are used as fire retardants as they are taken as food.

Cherry instead of aspirin Cherry food is much more effective than aspirin in relieving pain. People living in the state of Michigan, because they are very grown in this region, they eat plenty of cherries. Some argue that this fruit is an individual with pain caused by inflammation of the gut and joint. Muraleedharan Nair from Michigan State University points out that the red color chemistry known as “anthocyanin” in cherry can create this effect. Nair and his colleagues explored the use of commonly used trials to determine if these trials contain enzymes found in painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen. He then examined the destructive effects of chemicals on the harmful effects of free radicals and compared them with vitamins. As a result, it has been observed that there are between 12-25 milligrams of anthocyanin in 20 cherries and that this agent is ten times more effective than the aspirin of the analgesic effect. It was also observed that the anthocyanin ingredient in the cherry produces antioxidant effects similar to vitamins E and Ca. According to Nair, 20 cherry meals a day have the same effect as taking an aspirin. Nair is trying to transform the anchor in the cherry into a tablet.

The appetizer is used to relieve the intestinal gases, relieve it, to counteract the dizziness.

Tragacantha is a protection against throat diseases and inflammations.

Vitamin C in a kiwi, an orange, has twice as much. They are also rich in potassium. Facilitate digestion and preventing constipation.

Momordicae charantiae Used internally against stomach and intestinal ulcer. It is used externally for wound, boils and eczema.

Rosehip :
Your eyes are friendly because of the very intense vitamin richness. It gives the body vitality. There is a canteen equivalent of 100 grams of cantaloupe in orange hawthorn. A good ricketting agent is an effective blood purifier. It is a powerful wolf-lowering and intestinal softener. It is beneficial against stomach cramps and digestive system difficulties. Rheumatic pain relief. It gives good results in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Effective against indigestion. This vegetable containing antioxidant substances is purified from toxins and facilitates digestion of nutrients

It comes at the top of the vegetables known to be effective against cancer. It contains plenty of vitamins B, C and E, potassium. It is especially effective against breast and uterine cancer. It allows poisonous substances to accumulate in the body. It reduces the amount of sugar in the side. It is good for jaundice and biliary disease. Asthma is beneficial. Effective against bowel cancer. Cabbage contains a chemical substance (isotiocyanates) that prevents the reproduction of cancer cells. According to a study conducted in the US, cabbage eaters one day a week have a two-thirds risk of developing bowel cancer.


It is used for lavender flower, forceps, diuretic and tea against rheumatism. Very good odor. It is also used as a sedative. It is an important plant used in perfumery.
Lemon oil:
Oleum Limonis It is used as stimulant and fragrance.

Pruni mahaleb For aphrodisiac, expectorant, shortness of breath and prostate, also used against diabetes.
Mushroom :
It strengthens the immune system. Especially the Chinese people have taken medicine for this drug, protects against the diseases of the body and strengthens the immune system.

Effective against bone erimes. This vegetable, which contains more calcium than milk, is number one in terms of strengthening bones. At 100 grams, a small glass has more of the calcium found in the cigarette. This amount corresponds to one quarter of your daily calcium requirement.

Salad and the taste of the food is not the same as the parsley is not nearly the same. Parsley, which contains A, C vitamins and iron, sulfur, phosphos and manganese elements, facilitates digestion, reduces kidney stones, increases vision and mothers. It’s an iron deposit. Generally freshly eaten parsley contains calcium, potassium and vitamin A. A pinch of parsley meets most of your daily vitamin C needs. He works the kidneys to bring urine and drop stones, keep blood sugar at normal levels and protect against cancer. When you are defeated before bedtime, you will wake up with a sweet breath in the morning. Mommy increases the pitch. He throws toxic substances out of his body. Your eyesight is increasing, boiled and lightened, and when the skin is dressed with this water, it’s good for the nose. When water is sprayed on the eyes of the boiled parsley, it prevents inflammation in the eye and burns. Boil and vinegar and hair are washed to make the hair grow and strengthen.

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