Medicinal Herbs and Benefits Part – 8


Pumpkin: Seeds (kernels) and tapeworm worm reducer is used in particular in children. The seeds can be removed from the tins and beaten, mixed with sugar. The average dose is about 40 g in children and about 100 g in adults. Pumpkin is very nutritious and contains vitamins C and B1. The cooked meat portion is also eaten, and other boils and skewers are also applied as porridge.

Camphor: Camphora The nervous system has stimulatory effects on the respiratory and the heart.

Coffee is a small amount of caffeine alkolit the vardır.kafe strengthens the vardır.kalb a stimulating effect by expanding vessels, facilitates digestion, kidney replicates the urine enlarging the blood vessels, speed up breathing. It draws blood to the brain, enhances brain activity and is used against poisoning with narcotics. When the excess amount is worth noting stimulating effect, increases the palpitations of the heart, causes the humming of the ears.

It has a soothing and stimulating effect as if it were a cup of coffee. A small amount strengthens the heart, facilitates digestion, diureses. Excess amount is harmful.

Cocoa butter:
Pile of oleum cacao, used externally to soften wounds and fractures in women’s breasts.

Cardamomi It has an appetizer, gas extractor and midi effect. Put the coffee.

The tea is given as a potent, appetizing, anti-inflammatory and digestive facilitator. It is also known to be useful in asthma and stomach pain.

Buckwheat Herb:
Pain relieves. The heart gives strength. Sputum safflower. It relieves drowsiness, gives you fitness.

Buckwheat oil:
Lavandulae Romanae Used externally and externally as an antiseptic.


He’il kill the micros. Pain relieves. It stimulates nerves. It facilitates digestion. Deodorizes. It opens an appetite.

Clove oil:
Oleum Caryophylli is used as an antiseptic and painkiller in dentistry and as a gas expectorant.

Mind relieves fatigue. It has an aphrodisiac feature. It strengthens the nerves. Discharge urine. It is good for the diseases of the spleen. It is known to be beneficial to diabetics.

Cleanses the toxins in the body and melts the sand in the kidneys to gain health and fitness. It also helps bone development.

Insecticide is made.

Remove urine and sputum. It facilitates digestion. It helps lower the kidney and gall bladder stones. It treats bladder diseases. It is useful in rheumatism. It removes constipation. It is used in heart diseases.

The seeds (seeds) are used medically as well as melon fruit. The nuclei of mature foliage are dried. Nuclei are used against coughing in the flesh of the people (when the seeds are boiled and watered in the water). Melon also calms the nerves, cleanses the blood in the kidneys, helps to lower the stones. Those who have ulcers or inflammation in the stomach, those with diabetes and high blood pressure should not eat.

Beech :
The oil obtained from the seeds of European beech is used as a cooking oil in the margarine industry. Creosote is used as an antiseptic from distillation of beech tar. It is also used externally against rheumatism and skin diseases. The water obtained by boiling the shells in the water reduces facial spots and chives.


Dysentery and diarrhea resolve.

Cubebae Respiratory system antiseptic. It is used in gonorrhea.

Mature fruity is used as food. Dried fruit flour is especially used for stomach and intestinal disorders of dairy children. It also softens the chest and sheds the phlegm. It is useful for cigarette smokers.

Thyme :
Strengthens the body. It facilitates digestion. It breaks the heart. Heals the intestinal inflammation. Helps lower intestinal worms. Reduce the amount of sugar in your stomach.

Thyme oil:
Oleum Thymi Intravenous bile enhancer, wolf-lowering and pain relief, externally used as an antiseptic.

It acts on the central nervous system, soothing and sedating. There is not much effect on the digestive system.

Celery :
Celery has vitamin B, iron and lime. Celery relieves forgetfulness and nervous exhaustion, helps to reduce urinary incontinence, kidney stones and sands, makes blood and milk, cleans liver. Sugar is also useful hypertension and rheumatism.

Celery seeds:
Apii graveolentus It is stimulating and appetizing. Used for prostate.

Chestnut :
The tea obtained by boiling the shells in water lowers fever and soothes the nerves. It strengthens fruity muscles. It regulates blood circulation. It prevents the arrival of varicose veins and feathers. It stimulates the liver fatigue and swelling. It relieves the cancer. Those who complain of vascular stiffness and high blood pressure should not eat diabetic patients.

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