Medicinal Herbs and Benefits Part – 7


Carrot seeds:
Dauci carotae Midevi, gas expectorant, anti-pregnancy and sexual power enhancer.

Discharge urine. It cuts off the pain. It regulates menstruation bleeds. Mommy increases the pitch. It removes indigestion. Abdominal pain and diarrhea. Lower the foot straps. It is used in scorpion and bee stings.

Fruit seed:
Agni-Casti is a urine enhancer, gas expectorant and sedative.

Coconut :
Discharge urine. It helps reduce the sand and stones in the kidney. Stomach relieves pain.

Indian Oil :
Oleum Ricini An irritant irritant acting on the small intestine

Plant flowers and leaves are used. It shelters a lot of mucilage, rosin, and metallic salt. Leaves and flowers are sweating, urine and expectorant. It is used against sore throat and cough.

Our heart has found a new friend: Hurma Until today, the magical power of the hand in protecting against cardiovascular diseases was known. Israeli scientists proved to be a true friend of palm heart. Israeli scientists have explained that hurdling is more effective than protection from cardiovascular disease. In a study in Israel, the benefits of apple and hunting were compared. Scientists say that Hurman is rich in fiber, minerals, and phenols. He states that there are more copper and zinc in the apple, while the amounts of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron are twice as high as apples. Scientists have noted that the beneficial substances in these fruits, which reduce the risk of heart and vascular diseases in case of regular defeat, are found in the shells.


Jujubae Chest softener, cough cutter, laxative and blood cleanser. It can also be used for diabetes too.

Sweet william:
It relieves complaints arising from stomach chills. Also useful for powerlessness

Linden flower is used as soothing, urinating, chest softener and expectorant in tea. Linden flower basket has a calming effect. Stir ulcers are beneficial when mixed with honey. It regulates blood circulation.

When applied externally it draws blood that accumulates in internal organs. It cuts the nose bleeds. Remove sputum.

It is also effective against heart diseases, phlegm, high blood pressure, eye diseases brought by old age, cancer, even psychic disorders. Effective against eye diseases and spotting stains. Spinach contains two chemical substances effective against visual disturbances. It shows that 86 percent of the people who eat spinach 6 times a week will not have any problems like the spotting stains that develop with age. It is also effective against eye diseases that occur with age. One serving of spinach, one tenth of our daily iron needs.

Spike flower:
Flos Elaeagni is constipated, empowering and antiseptic. It’s a vitamin C deposit. It is effective against rain.

Softens the intestines. It removes constipation. Bronchitis, cough and throat are useful in pain. Energizes.

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