Medicinal Herbs and Benefits Part – 6


Daily :
Gummi Olibanum Intense forceps, sedatives, constipation, urine boosters, menstrual remover, menstrual and rheumatic pain relief.

Daily Tree:
The woods are dried and used as daily and incense. It relieves your shortness of breath. It is used as incense.

It is used in the production of painkillers. It is also used in medicines for the treatment of stomach, intestine, asthma, heart, nerve and brain diseases.

Halile (Dark yellow):
Fructus Myrobalani Yellow laxative is used as laxative, and Black halite is used as constipated. Externally, it is wound healing.

In order to gargle cutesy leaves, the flowers are used antispasmodically, and the fruits are used as diuretic and vomiting.

Mustard seeds:
Sinapis nigrae Peppermint, yaki and bath are made. It is used to collect blood on the skin and to relieve pain.

The parts of the plant used are the opium obtained by drawing the raw fruits, the oil obtained from the dried raw fruits, leaves, seeds and seeds. Especially some of the other ointments which are used are absorbed and the pain is relieved. It is used externally to relieve pain, especially in dentistry. The oil of the seeds is the oil obtained by pressing the seeds in the cold. In the composition of the oil obtained in cold, the acids are low and the oil obtained in the hot is acid. The oil obtained in the cold enters into the composition of some ointments. The hot oil is used for making soap and cooking oil. The toxic substance it contains must therefore not be used without physician control and advice.

It improves the mouth, throat and gingivitis. It removes the intestinal inflammation.

Mallow blossom :
Flos Altheae Chest softeners and irritations are eliminating.

Radix Alkannae It is constipation and wound healing.

Carrot :
If she defeats five times a week, according to Harvard’s research, women’s heart infarcts reduce the risk of stroke by 68 percent. Two carrots a day were found to reduce local cholesterol by 10 percent in men. A carrot eaten every day also reduces the risk of lung cancer. In Beta-Carotene the carrot protects its eyes from the weakness of its aging and strengthens its immune system. Prevents stomach and intestinal bleeding, relieves the irritation, increases maternal height, removes face and neck wrinkles, removes urine and intestinal gases, relieves ulcer complaints. As it is effective against cancer, it prevents skin dryness and strengthens the immune system. Beta carotene (which stops free radicals that cause cancer and strengthens the immune system) contains one of the greatest features of the carrot contains vitamin A, which prevents skin dryness.


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