Medicinal Herbs and Benefits Part – 12


Shallow arc:
Styrax Liquidus Externally used as antiseptic, wound healing and anti parasite.

Laxatives are widely used in our country. It is not used for colitis and spastic cavities.

Onion and Garlic:
Reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Onion is the risk of getting stomach cancer; Garlic also reduces the risk of getting bowel cancer. The substances found in the garlic sauce protect the body from premature aging by preventing damage to the cells. The garlic, which contains antibiotics and breath-tightening compounds, also strengthens the immune system. Effective against heart and allergic diseases. Onions contain chemical substances that strengthen our heart and prevent allergic reactions. Investigations in Newcastle indicate that the risk of occlusion of the veins of onion eaters is steadily decreasing.

Anyone who wants to live long should definitely consume soy. Soya contains a substance that functions like the estrogen hormone and dilutes the effects of this hormone, which is extremely useful for the female body. Because of the overproduction of estrogen hormone, which accelerates cell renewal, it increases the risk of cancer of the breast, uterus and neck.

It is constipating, blood-cutting, antiseptic and also used in gargling for diseases of the throat and gums. Sumac fruits contain tannin, essential oils and organic acids. Used as a spice too.

Sesame :
Breathlessness and bronchitis are beneficial.

Sesame oil :
Oleum Sesami Inclusive is effective as a laxative. It can also be used for diabetes too.

Herbe Fumariae Urine enhancer, sedative, debilitating and blood pressure lowering.

The seeds carry compounds that act on the heart. There is also the effect of diuretic and depressant relieving.

The flowers will relieve constipation and reduce bowel worms. Fruit juice makes digestion easier. Abdomen is abundant. Hemorrhoid resolves complaints arising from the breast. It is useful for bile ducts and kidneys.

Gummi Asa foetida Nervous system sedative, digestive facilitator and gas extractor.

Leaf juice obtained from the leaves is used as a cough relief. Fresh fruits are eaten as fruit. Seeds of dried fruits are used against diabetes. Fruit fruits are also used as stone degrading agents.

Spiritual troubles are resolved. It is beneficial in the excursion. It strengthens the heart. It opens appetite, facilitates digestion.

Cinnamon oil:
Oleum Cinnamomi Used as an appetizer and midwife

It opens an appetite. It facilitates digestion. Cleans bronchi, coughs. Diuretic, cleanses the kidneys and urinary tract. It is effective against cancer, anemia and fiber diseases. Cereal is among the vegetables fighting cancer, as well as the most calcium, iron and folic acid at the beginning of the containing. Women who eat green vegetables such as turtles are less at risk for life-related illnesses.

Kills the microbes in the kidneys. It helps to shed sand and stones. Lower the liver. It is useful in yellowing. Helps to reduce gallstones. Rheumatism, sciatic asthma and bronchitis are useful.

Uvez, especially a sugar, is a good sweetener for diabetic patients. Fruits and leaves are constipated. Again the fruit is a diuretic, the effects of menstruation in women. Fruits are rich in vitamin C. The tea of ​​the leaves is used as a blood sugar reducing agent against diabetes. Harmless.

Prostate from the intestine, hemorrhoids are good for many diseases of the abdomen.

The seed of obscurity:
Semen Pegani Wolves are depressing, menstrual, drug, sweating and soothing.

She cuts the diarrhea. It reduces the fever. Discharge urine. It gives comfort to the body.

Wild Rose :
It is used against constipation, diuretic, kidney and gall stones. Because it is rich in vitamin C, it is also used in the production of marmalades in certain regions.

Tea prepared from flowers used as a chest softener and nerves soothing.

New spring :
It prevents vascular stiffness. It facilitates digestion. It clears stomach and bowel gases.

It is useful for diabetics. Feeder is. It increases resistance of the body. Clears the constipation
Snake pillow: It reduces the fever. Sweating, comforts the body. It stimulates nerves.

The boil pound the intestinal worms. Strengthens your hair if it gets stuck.

Oat :
Eliminate children’s digestion difficulties. It rescues body and soul tiredness. Reduce the amount of sugar in the side

Saturejae hortensis is used against diabetes.

It opens an appetite. Prevents vomiting. It removes bowel disorders.

It has mechanical and gas decompression effect.

Curcuma longae Midevi, gas extractor and bile enhancer.

Olive :
Olive oil increases bile. Start the liver. Liver cuts her aches. It is useful in yellowing. Leaves and crusts reduce high blood pressure. It reduces the amount of sugar in the side. It helps lower intestinal worms.

Rhizoma Zedoariae It is an appetizer, stimulant, urine enhancer, sputum and gas expectorant.


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