Medicinal Herbs and Benefits Part – 11


the Nazarot:
It is used as eczema, basil and incense.

Vomiting and diarrhea are effective. Dried flowers are used as soothing, laxative and fever reducing tea.

Their roots are constipated. White lotus flowers, sedative and drug.

It strengthens the body. Mommy increases the size.

Folium Melissae Soothing, midevi, sweating and antiseptic.

Especially used for respiratory diseases. It cuts off the smell, relieves sore throat and nose inflammation. Cleans the urinary tract. It is also used as an antiseptic, as it is applied on the skin. As eucalyptus leaves are used by direct boiling, there are many benefits to the oil. It is also used as a medicament or in boiling, boiling, smelling. Leaves are used in the form of vinegar, powdered soap, powders and mucilages in the form of shortness of breath, constipation, expectorant, insect infestation, all kinds of fires, flu, neuralgia, bronchitis, rheumatism, sugar and uremia.

Eucalyptus oil:
Oleum Eucalypti is used externally as an antiseptic.

Mistletoe :
Increase your heart rate. It is useful in vein calcifications. It is used in sara and lungs.


It allows the liver to work properly. It relieves the cancer. It protects against diabetes and tuberculosis. It strengthens stomach and intestines. Soothes the nerves.

The flower heads are gathered before flowering and dried in the shade. In case of tea, a glass can be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning. Urine multipiter, appetizing, soothing and gas-extinguishing effects. It is pain-relieving, curing effect in hemorrhoids. It is also used as a dyeing material.

Potato :
If you do not eat fried, you will not lose weight. It facilitates digestion, prevents constipation. It is one against fatigue. It contains plenty of vitamin C and protein. Effective against fatigue. The potato contains carbohydrate, the substance that gives the body energy, the richest in vitamins C and E and beta carotene. 100 grams have 80 calories, 2 grams of protein, 17 mg of carbohydrate, 7 mg of calcium, 53 mg of phosphorus, 20 mg of C vitamins. You do not have any difficulty finding a time of the year. It is always said, once again the rhetoric is no problem; Since most of the nutritional value of the potato is in its shell, it is better to dig it with a special knife instead of peeling it. Potatoes cooked by peeling the shell again lose 25 percent of vitamin C. For this reason, potatoes must be cooked in the oven with crumbs or in boiled or low water.

It relieves the cancer. It ensures that the liver and pancreas work regularly. It helps to lose weight. It ends kidney pains and burnings. Soothes the nerves. It relieves heart strain. Diseases of skin, sugar, stomach, intestines and liver diseases should not eat those at extreme levels.

Herba Absintii Midevi, fever reducing, menstruating effects.

Discharge urine. It’s good for stomach discomfort. It removes constipation. It is useful for harsh tits. It helps reduce the sand and stones in the kidney.

Foeniculi Midevi, gas extractor and milk booster.

Saffron :
It is used as a stimulant, appetizer, menstrual remedy, odor and coloring agent. It should not be used in quantity. The pregnant women should never use it.

The salat itself or the water cleanses our skin by a tonic. Cucumber stiffness helps prevent water from accumulating in the body in kidney and heart diseases. Effective against heart diseases and infections. It contains sulfur and this substance increases the resistance of the body to infections and also reduces cholesterol.

Sahlep :
Cough and bronchitis are beneficial. It ensures regular menstrual bleeding. The mind increases the starting power.

Sandaraca Externally and externally, rheumatism is relieving pain.

Yellow cantoron:
Herba Hyperici Inside is antispasmotic, constipated, sedative, and externally antiseptic and wound healing.

Aloe is an effective barrier to thick sticks.

Purslane :
It is useful in stomach and intestinal bleeding and in bloody urine. It cleans the blood. In diabetes, thirst is eliminated. Insomnia is useful in nervous and mental fatigue.

Servi cone:
Cupressi is used against children’s night sweats, externally bruises and fragrant footprints.

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