Medicinal Herbs and Benefits Part – 10


Oak gall:
Leaves are used to destroy warts. Cones from digestive drugs are made bowel. It is used to prevent pregnancy. It is known that some poisonings are used as antidotes. It is also useful in hemp breasts.

It regulates blood circulation. Perspiration. If it is driven to kill head lice dried angelica beaten. It is useful for asthma attacks.

Leaves are soothing, mysterious, gas expectorant, perspirant and antiseptic. It restores uneasiness and distress. It is useful for memory weakness. It stops complaints such as dizziness and tinnitus. Indigestion, headaches and migraines are also useful. It is mostly used for tea.

The flowering branches of the plant are used against diuretic, blood cleansing in some skin diseases and against rheumatism.

Terebinthina Chia Inland is used as an antiseptic for urine and respiratory tract.

Fruit is eaten as a remedy for constipation and used as an antiseptic.

Mersin oil:
Oleum Myrti Used for the treatment of diseases such as bronchitis, tuberculosis and gonorrhea and against diabetes.

It is beneficial for flu, cold, angina and shortness of breath. Cough and phlegm removal. It lowers high blood


It has a high fiber content of 18.3 percent. The high carbohydrate content of corn improves your energy level. It contains protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A and B2.


Corn tassel :
Stylus Maydis is a diuretic and stone reducing agent.

Mine Flower (Pigeon grass):
Medically, there is a constipating effect. It relieves head and joint pain. Relieve fatigue and insomnia.

Myristicae Gas is used as an antiseptic, especially for abdominal pain.

Banana :
Folic acid is extremely rich in potassium and B6 vitamins. Prevents potassium cramps.

Gummi Myrrihae is an antiseptic and stimulant. Especially against respiratory diseases.

Leaves are used as soothing, mysterious, gas expectorant, antiseptic in the form of tea. As well as being used in the preparation of various medicines, put the leaves in their raw or dried food. The essence of the nail is that, in spite of the fact that the poison is very effective, a small amount of it can be used against pain and bulanis. Nay volatile oil is also a very used oil.

Mint oil :
Menthae Piperitae Mild antiseptic, refreshing, fragrant and used as a remedy for nausea.

It strengthens the body. She cuts the diarrhea. It is useful for nose polyps. It will lower the tape. It strengthens the heart. Stomach, intestinal disease, young children and pregnant should not use too much.

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