Masks For Face Stains

Masks For Face Stains

Mask for brown stains and francolins

You can make a mask by using 2 tea spoons lemon juice and 1 tea spoon carbonat and olive oil and 1 table spoon yogurt. When it becomes ready, apply this mask to whole your face and wait for 30-45 minutes to rub the mask in. Using this mask twice in a week will be sufficent to eliminate all problems in your face. But we warn you about avoiding use this mask if you have sensetive face.


Mask for pimples

Lemon, honey and vinegar mixing is good for pimples. Apply 2 spoon honey, 1 spoon vinegar and 1 table spoon lemon juice mixing to your face and wait for 20 minutes. After that you can was  yourh face.

Mask for black spot in Face

1 tea spoon grape vinegar, lemon juice and water is bill of the mask. Perform it 3 or 4 times in a week as applying this mixing on the black points.

Mask for Francolins

Francolins is a facial issu that everybody avoid to have.If you want to get rid of francolins, mix 1 table spoon linseed with water and rub it to your face. Francolins are stubborn stains and you can get result if you use it 3 or 4 times in a week.  Beside that, if you have a sensetive face, we advise you prepare a little mix of these materials and try it on your face before making mask cure.

Skin Care with Carbonate Mask

We gathered together all informations for our women followers who give importance to their skin. Performing natural care to your skin gives you confidence.

Women give big importance to their hair and skin and they don’t forget to make hair and skin care. Mask is the most popular skin car efor women and carbonate mask is the most popular mask. You make your face younger with carbonate mask and here the benefits of carbonate mask.

1 The main cause of being the most popular mask by the women, carbonate mask eliminates pimples and black spots. If you perform it regularly, it is clear that you can also clean pimple and black spots.

2-Carbonate mask not only eliminates pimples and black spots but also makes your face so bright. You already know that brightness sets your face off.

3- Carbonate mask purify your face from dirt, oil and other negative effects of daily life. Makes your face sleek and helps your face for refreshing as eliminating dead cells and generating new, healthy cells.

As we stated above, 3 causes increasing carbonate mask usage. You can also prepare and perform this mask easily. The masks that you can prepare at home are as below;

  • Firstly we mix 1 tablespoon carbonate and 1 tablespoon water in a plant, mixing them until set and applying them to skin equally in all parts and purifying the face from dirt and oil.
  • One of the most popular carbonate mask is carbonate with yogurt. Put 1 dessert spoon yogurt and 1 tea spoon carbonate to plant and mix it until set. Apply it to your face but keep your eyes and lips away from the mixing. Wait for a while and then wash your face.

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