If there is a difficulty in this rooted man who resembles a man and is feminine like a human, then this root is taken from a piece of it, drunk with water or crushed, driven there; DEE is known.
The devil turnip (Bryonia diocia), called Adamotu, is located in the northern plateau of Pergamum in the area of ​​Ravdarlik and Kazakbatmaz of the Madrasa in the village of Asbey. It is accepted that it is not worthy of manor.
In the village of Yoğurtdtaken of Bergama, who was engaged in root works and died 50 years ago, Ahmet Ali also invented a myth for this.
Do you know? Derrida how to extract this roots;
Leave this in the stool. I dig around and put my roots in the water, behind a big sharp knife tied to both ends.
I tie a hungry dog ​​to the tip of the pipe. It shows the dog meat and bread, it makes it hard, I guess. When this root is cut off, dog is bitter bitter, dog is female and male is female. Sometimes he dies. This human root is a healing rootstroke that is obtained in such a fear. Every step in the world; It is pure with yeast. He sold it.
In a handwritten book written three hundred years ago, I was amazed that this disturbing roots were written in the same way. The number of forks of this kind of forks is so old that it will take 20 to 30 years.
Hakiki adamotunun Silifke, Antalya, Belkıs ruins of the Institute of Nebatat in Istanbul. Mehpare Haiborunn told me.

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