Lavender Cream – Benefits and How to Make and How to Apply

Lavender Cream – Benefits and How to Make and How to Apply

Although lavender is rarely used plant but it is very useful

Lavender helps to heal many problems from insomnia to headaches, and also, it has a lot of effect on the skin care


Benefits of Lavender Cream (for skin)

  • Heals the wounds
  • Reduce muscle pains
  • It is natural perfume. It has a nice smell.
  • Stop the bleeds
  • Helps to treat acne and acne for skin.
  • Prevents eczema.
  • It prevents skin wrinkles.
  • It is used in the treatment of burns.
  • It is preferred when making tonic
  • it Treats cracked or burned lips
  • Good for insect or bee bites
  • It prevents hair loss.
  • It prevents fungal disease formation.
  • Hair can also be preferred as a cream.
  • it  treats dandruff
  • Protect the skin from premature aging.
  • Prevents ultraviolet rays
  • Effectively moisturizes the skin 24 hours a day.

Lavender Cream – Benefits and How to Make and How to Apply

How to Make Lavender Cream


  • 50 ml peanut oil
  • 3 gr wax
  • 3 gr cocoa oil
  • 20 gr lanolin
  • 30 ml rose water
  • 8 drops of lavender oil

First heat the beeswax, cocoa oil  and lanolin at 60 degrees. At the same time, heat the rose water at the same temperature in its own pot. then add peanut oil to first mix after this add rose water to mix all them are in 60 degrees.

then take it out and Start mixing. You can use a wooden stick for this , Stir the mixture slowly until it cools down. Finally add lavender oil and continue mixing  After the mixture has cooled down, put it in a closed box, keep it one hour with cover open , you can use it now.

Keep the cream in the fridge


How to Use Lavender Cream

  • Skin must be washed and completely dry before use
  • apply 2-3 times a day With slightly circular motions By massage

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