How to make rosemary oil at home?


If you want, you can prepare this oil by yourself at home. With the recipe that we prepared for our readers, you can prepare rosemary oil as handmade. First of all, pluck leafs of rosemary slimly. Then put the leafs to a glass bottle. Add olive oil two times more than leafs. For example, If you put 50 gram of rosemary, add 100 gram olive oil. You can also add sun flower oil but olive oil is more beneficial. After that, close the bottle well and put it to sun-exposed area. Shake it everyday for 20 days. After 20-25 days, open the glass, smell it and leach its oil by cheesecloth. Your rosemary oil is ready for losing weight. You can use it almost1 year as keeping in cold or cool place.


Warning: Pregnants and high blood pressure patients shouldn’t use rosemary oil oruse it under doctor control.



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