Homemade Anti-wrickle 3 Face Cream Recipe


What is face cream? 

Face cream is not a type of cream that you have to use only to your face. products that we identify are generally a type of moistener. They are in cosmetic category and provides having frail skin and beautiful face features. That type of creams increase your face quality and protects from drying. The people who uses this creams regularly certainly has better skin than the people who doesn’t use. Using face cream should be a part of daily skincare.

Formulas to prepare face creams at home:


Now, we are going to share how you canprepare that face creams at home.

1- Anti-aging face cream:

If you are in twenty ages, you may think anti-aging creams are not for you. However you think in this way, do you know that aging symptoms begin in tender ages? Especially the women who live in hot and tropical climate should use this creams sufficiently. This creams not only moistens your face, but also tighten stigmas and make your skin stronger.

Necessary materials:

¼ cup of almond oil

2 table spoon of coconut oil

2 table spoon of beeswax

1 table spoon of shea oil

½ table spoon of vitamin E oil

And other oils


Put all materials into a pot

Fill warm water till 10 cm to a tankard

Put the pot into the tankard without having to close the jar lid of the pot

When the mix is melted, take it to a small pot

Keep it in room temperature till it gets tough

Close its jar lid and put to the cool place

To spoil your skin, apply it both in morning and evening

2- Face cream for clean skin

If you are university student, making travel, attending to lessons and looking beautiful all the day is extremely hard. Your face is exposed more dirt, oil and environmental pollution each-day but I you use this homemade cream that makes your face cleaner and softer, you can refresh your face.

Necessary materials:

1 cup of aloe vera gel

3 gram beeswax

¼ cup coconut oil

¼ cup of almond oil

10 drops ofgrapefruit oil



How to do:

Put beeswax, coconut oil and almondoil to a pot

Fill 7-8 cm warm water into the tankard

Put the pot into the tankard and wait till the materials melt

Boil the mixture into the blender

Mix the oils with aloe vera gel

Add the chocolate to the mix and you will see that it will become like cream

Wait till it becomes cold

You can put your face cream to a box and it is ready to use

3- Face cream for perfect skin

To prepare face cream is quite easy and it doesn’t have any side effect. It is not only natural but also pratic.

Necessary materials:

½ cup of ham shea oil

½ cup of il coconut oil

10-15 drops of franada perfume oil

10 drops of oil of lavender essence

10-12 gram vaseline


How to do:

Mix coconut oil, Vaseline and shea oil in a cup

Put them to the blender and then mix them till they become pasty

Add the oils and continue to mix

Put the mixture into a pot

To have a beautiful and bright skin, apply this cream everday before bed


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