Homemade anti-aging cream


Latest wrickle creams contain harmful chemicals for your health andeventually it damages toyourskin. However natural products are more benefical, they are much more expensive.

In our essay, we will present an alternative: How can you prepare your wrinkle cream by yourself at home easily by using natural materials? It will cost less and you may share it with your friends. Let’s we have a look!

Your skin type

This anti – wrinkle cream was prepared for normal, dried, adult and sensitive skin types are inclined to wrinkles. If you are under 25 or you have oily skin, we don’t advise you to use it.

This cream contains high nutritious features and provides moistining the skin. Also protects your face from free radicals and support renewaling healthy skin cells.

Coconut oil

Under the favour of excellent features for both food industry and chemical industry, pure coconut oil is the main topic of latest medical essays. When it is applied to face, it is absorbed easily by the skin and gives relaxing sense with its scent.

It is the basic material of the recipe and you need to add other materials according to skin type that you want to treat.


Another basic material is bee-wax because it helps to cream becoming concentrated.Coconut oil is ideal for cool temperatures but it melts easily when it stays in warm temperature That’s why to make it concentrated, add some beewax.

Also beewax helps you to clean your skin and blackspots.

One of the strongest material of this cream is rose hip oil which became so popular in recent years with it’s anti-aging features. Because it contains lots of vitamin, oil acid and antioxidant. Rose hip oil helps you to make skin brighter and reducing skin spots. It triggers collagen production, reduces thin lines and wrinkles and prevents occurring.. It fights with all effects which are based from scar, crack stain, dryness, irritation and overdose sun rays. It also helps to the skin in renewaling and it is rejuvenator for the strong skin.

You can apply rose hip oil to your face directly before going to bed. But making it is more pratic in mornings and if you use it according to our description will be good for you.

Vitamin E

Vitamin is beneficial for the skin both incepting as capsule and applying to face directly. Also it undertakes more protective feature when adding it to a cream it makes it an excellent material .

Vitamin E has anti-aging and antioxidant feature and in this way supports the skin in defendingfree radicals.

Essential oils

We shouldn’t forget essential oils, which provides sweet-smelling and increases other materials effect. We need to talk about this oil to describe this last recipe.

Especially,  we advise geranium oil which helps both helps to skin rejuvenation and tightens the cells. It also gives sweet-smelling to this cream.

You need to start to prepare it after putting this materials into a small glass cup

20 ml coconut oil

30 ml beewax

Provide melting these materials as putting glass cup into the warm water. After that mix it with wooden spoon or spatula.

After mixing well, take the cupfrom warm water and add rest of the materials.

5 ml rose hip seed oil

5 ml vitamin E

5 drops of geranium oil (preferably)

5 drops of rose oil (preferably)


Mix all materials well and wait till it becomes cool.

To preserve this cream for long time, we advise to keep it in refrigerator

If you live in hot temperature or you don’t want to keep in refrigerator, you can add 10-15 ml bee-wax to make it stiff

Total opposite, if you want to have softer cream, add more coconut oil and reducebeewax.

Don’t show hesitate to use materials in different quantity and adding different materials to find new ways in fighting with wrinkles.




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