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When we say nutrition, oral route nutrition comes first and it is natural.But also there is a reality such as absorbing and adding to blood the things what touch to the skin. we can’t become natural nourished because of using home cleaning chemicals, personal care and care products chemical materials.

Hand, face, body creams and lots of harmful chemicals can be found in paints, perfumes and shelf life extender materials. If you search even a little bit, you can reach to poisons in chemicals easily.

When the the weather starts to get cold, I realized that my hands lost their natural humidity and my skin became dried. I had centaury oil at home and applied it but it didn’t have any effector benefit. Centaury oil is liquid and because of this it can’t stay on skin for long time. That’s why I started to search the creams.


I found a good recipe and this time instead of using the recipe as how it was defined, I modified it. I changed recipe’s quantities, added some oils and removed vitamin E. Also the recipe had olive oil and I changed it with centaury oil. Finally I got an excellent cream. I was pleased with it and wanted to share it with you. Its consistency is like normal cream and it can be applied to hand easily.


Let’s add one more cream recipe to our nonpoisonous and natural life list. This cream can be used  for both chapped of lip, hand, face, body and wound or burns.

Because each oil that I used for cream are different remedy elixirs.


Necessary materials:

Coconut oil, 60 gr

Cacao oil 50 gr

Beewax, 10 gr or 1 walnut size

Centaury oil, 60 gr

Lavenderoil, 2 ml, for fragnance


If all type of oils can be cold pressed, they can be more beneficial for your skin. Centaury should be olive oil.

All oils are shortening except that centaury oil. When  you buy them, you should be careful to buy shortening ones because only they are natural.Only centaury oil is liquid due to being olive oil based.


How to do;

Except centaury and lavender oils, put all oils into the a glass or porcelain cup.Put the cup into the microwave and melt the oils.Add centaury oil to melted oils and add some essential oils to give smell. I used lavender oil.Reason of preference of it is, being antiseptic and being so beneficial as massage oil. You can add whatever you want. Mix all oils and boil to small glass cups. Your cream is ready.

Now, time for talking about its benefits




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