Home Made Facial Tonics Which Float Vitality


When you decide to prepare your own herbal tonic at home, you are also away from allergy and side effects which can damage your skin’s pH balance because of synthetic and artificial ingredients.

There are lots of factors which can damage the skin’s health and can affect appearance of the skin in a negative way such as malnutrition, air pollution, extreme exposure to sunlight, thirst, commercial cosmetics, and so on.

In today’s post, we will mention how you overcome aging, skin sagging, and the other skin problems with homemade tonic which is prepared by using a carrot, a cucumber, a lemon and vinegar which do not include chemical stuff.


If you do not want to have a dull, wrinkled, droopy or damaged skin, you need to take great care of your skin care over the years.

Although most people use a skin moisturizer on a daily basis, many people miss out the most important first step which is facial tonic.

You need to use a facial tonic twice in a day.

-Before using a moisturizer,

After washing your face with cold water

-Before sleeping at night

First clean your make up and apply your facial tonic. If you want, you can use a second moisturizer.

Using a natural tonic which does not include alcohol and harmful substances (and so on) is highly important. These harmful substances can disrupt the natural pH balance and can cause toxic substances to penetrate your skin through the pores of your skin and even can cause an undesirable appearance on your skin.


If you want to be bronzed healthfully in the sun, you can use this facial tonic which is made from a carrot. This facial tonic protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and it provides more beautiful and homogeneous skin appearance by supplying beta carotene.

Using the carrot in a double way for both internal and external treatment will be the best choice for you.

You should prepare a carrot smoothie for yourself before breakfast in everyday and you should use the rest of carrot juice for your skin.


This natural homemade tonic which is hundred percent is perfect for oral and topical treatment, so you will get maximum benefit for your skin.

Mix a medium cucumber with a half of a lemon. I they are organic, you do not need to peel them.

The cucumber which includes a high amount of water gives a fresh feeling and smoothes your face by cleaning. If you wake up with eye bags and swelling on the skin, this mixture is for you.

The lemon is an awesome natural purifier. This is ideal for people who suffer from pimples, blackheads, skin staining.


This simple tonic is a secret used by women for decades.

The only thing that you need is a high quality apple cider vinegar which is unpasteurised and organic, so the minerals and vitamins in the apple juice are preserved. This tonic is not only cheap but also is nourishing for your skin.

The vinegar is an acidic substance and your facial skin has a mild acidic value (between 4.2 and 5.6). If you do not want to have a dried and dull skin, you need to protect this acidity value.


Mix one scale of apple vinegar with four scale of water.

The smell of vinegar will be disappeared in a few minutes.


Rose water is a distilled liquid which derives from the essence of rose petals. The aroma of rose water is intoxicant, very romantic and feminine. It also gives firmness to your skin and floats vitality.

The astringent effect of the rose water narrows your skin pores, removes excessive oil and reduces any redness. This tonic refreshes, balances, and softens your skin, as well.

You can find the rose water easily at the market.


The tonic which is made from rosemary plant is an ancient beauty product, because this healing plant increases circulation and supplies a beautiful appearance on the skin.

You can prepare this tonic in two ways:

*Chop fresh rosemary and mix it with equal scale of the apple vinegar and water.

*Mix 2 teaspoons of water (10 ml) with 15 drops of rosemary extract oil.

Before applying, mix it well. Do not forget that using a spray bottle will be easier for you.

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