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Parents of babies are sleepless as their little toddler and become more aggressive in day time because of their baby has gas problems.  Baby-care is so important and a great responsibility. However, second baby parents won’t  have that much problem with their baby because of the all experiences from the first one. Most disturbing thing for bot babies and parents is baby gas problems. There are plenty of medical herbs that good for this problem. Of course you are getting advice from mothers and elders, herbs or teas that good for baby gas problems. But don’t forget, that person should be your child’s doctor and should know well those herbs’ effects. Even those herbs have beneficial sides, they might have harmful side effects too. It might depends on quantity, frequency or consuption method. Because of that, we suggest that you shouldn’t given any medical herbs to your child without consulting your child’s doctor. They know exactly every components to be careful about using those medical herbs. Even though they usually give prescription for baby gas, they might offer some herbs and herbal teas with instruction through pharmacies.

Let’s talk about some herbs good for baby gas


Marjoram’s known medical effects are antiseptic, treatment of hypertension, treatment of cramped


muscle, painkiller, gas remedy, diaphoretic and sedative. It also has beneficial effects on anemia, diarrhea, biliary disease, sleepness, cold, rheumastism and most effectively on digestive and liver diseases.

In baby gas problems, we can make use of marjoram’s tea and its ointment. If you can’t find its ointment, let’s see how to make it.

 How to do Marjoram Ointment,

Ointment can be obtained by mixing 4 – 6 g fresh marjoram juice with 30 g unsalted butter. Another way is, mixing one tea spoon of  triturated dry marjoram and one tea spoon of pure alcohol and letting it rest for 1 – 2 hours. After rest, add 1 tea spoon of unsalted butter and water bath then blend and heat. After a while, filter it with cheesecloth and let it cool. In some medical herb books, they say you shouldn’t make so much of it since it might spoil.

The way to use this is to spread the ointment all over baby’s tummy and massage it. Additionally, we suggets you to see your doctor and mention this solution to get their opinion about it. 

What are Marjoram’s Side Effects ?

There is no side effect of this herb if its used in stated quantities and time. However, it it is used continuously for more than it should , it might cause blackout, dizziness, and headache. Fresh herb might cause skin and eye pus. For those reasons, we suggest that you should see your child’s doctor before using this herb.

Marjoram is used in tea to get rid of baby gas problems.

To cure baby’s gas problems, mixing 5 g of Marjoram and 50 mL boiling water then steep the tea. For instructions, please see your doctor.

Thinking that most of the people don’t know Marjoram, let’s talk about more recommended herb, Fennel.


Fennel’s known beneficial effects are, antibacterial, guaiacol, diuretic, boost for digestive system, and treatment for worms in intestine.

Let’s talk about a fact that you need to know before using this herb for your baby’s gas problems.

 What are Fennel’s Side Effects ?

There is no side effect of this herb if it is used in stated conditions. However if you overdose or used long enough to be bad for your body, it might cause some really troubling problems. To talk about this, we need to take a look to natural pharmacy encyclopedias.

Overusing of ether in Fennel cause irritation in kidneys and digestive organs, and might cause vomit, nausea and diarrhea. If it effects uterus, it might cause preterm birth or miscarriage on pregnant women. For this reason, pregnant women should not consume this herb. Another proof that medical herbs can be harmful. As we always suggest, go and see your doctor before using any kind of herbs.

Fennel is recommended for baby gas problems and can be made as natural as normal tea.

After triturate 2 g Fennel seed, add 200 mL hot water and steep about 5 – 10 mins. It is important to consume this tea freshly, without waiting that much. To learn about instructions, please see your doctor.


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